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October 7, 2016

Martin Kaymer

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. How would you assess the two days play so far?
MARTIN KAYMER: I would say it's okay. Yesterday was a tricky one at Carnoustie. Today I really had it going, after eight holes or seven holes, I was 5-under par and then made a stupid bogey on 9 and then obviously tough for the momentum, dropped the momentum. I was trying to fight back.

I think the back nine is a little bit tougher than the front nine. Unfortunately couldn't make many putts on the back nine but overall, 5-under par is a decent score. Tomorrow we're going to play St. Andrews, it's a bit easier than Carnoustie.

Q. And that late birdie, presumably while it doesn't necessarily restore momentum it puts you in a nice position, doesn't it?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, I think I'm only five shots back now which is okay. But who knows where those guys, where they have to play tomorrow.

But to be honest with you, our major goal is just that we can make the cut as a team. That would be really nice because my father is trying for years, and last year I really screwed up and we missed out by one. So hopefully this year we will be just enough.

Q. How is it gelling so far as a team?
MARTIN KAYMER: It's enjoyable. I really like that dynamic of playing a serious tournament, because obviously when we play a tournament, you want to do as well as possible. But at the same time, you have people around you that you feel very, very comfortable with and they bring that little bit extra calmness to your golf game.

You know, we never really have that and I think we are very lucky that we can play with our parents here.

Q. It's lucky and unusual, having Phillip and Craig, who you've obviously got to know particularly well over the years?
MARTIN KAYMER: It's a good atmosphere in the group. Some funny discussions sometimes between my brother and my father. Certain things are quite entertaining but that's the way it is. Not in a bad way but sometimes it's thinking how much we are all golfers, sometimes we overestimate ourselves. But as a professional, once in awhile, you can really pull it off. Amateurs, sometimes it looks a little bit funny.

But overall we really have a good time and it's just nice when you go back to the hotel, you can spend evenings together, dinners and talk about the next day and the excitement. It's nice to see.

Q. Can you share anything of that excitement, that conversation, or is it a matter of prying too much?
MARTIN KAYMER: No, for example, like on 18, my father hit a decent drive but he got unlucky with the lie. He got stuck on the slope there and I would have struggled to get it on to the green because it was still 145 yards or 150 yards into the wind. It was a pretty bad lie and my brother was trying to talk him into that shot. It's difficult to pull off. I mean, and there's water in front of the green, and so there's no point really. So just try to lay it up to a good number and try to make a birdie that way. It's just a way of thinking, make it simple for yourself; it's already difficult enough.

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