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October 7, 2016

Joakim Lagergren

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. It's been a long day, but ultimately a very good one. You must be happy?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, it's been a good one. I played really solid today. Unfortunately I didn't hole any putts this round. I think I made 17 greens -- and of them being birdies, eagle on the par 5. Two 2-putts for a birdie and one tap-in for an eagle.

I wasn't close enough really, I hit a lot of greens, but I need to get a little bit closer and putt a little bit better to shoot a really low one.

Q. Kingsbarns is normally the most scorable but today the scoring didn't seem that long. With the conditions, presumably quite tough?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: It was a little windy and a little drizzle there on the front nine. But it's pretty scorable anyway, I would say. You get a few holes downwind where you can really take advantage of it.

Q. And on to St. Andrews tomorrow, looking forward to playing the Home of Golf?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, that's going to be great as usual.

Q. The junior amateur you were playing with, how did she do?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: She's doing good. She's improving. She was helping me by three shots today which was good.

Q. And your season overall, how do you feel it's gone for you?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: It's better and better, I would say. This autumn I've been playing better and better, so it feels pretty good.

Q. Peaking at the right time with some big tournaments coming up?
JOAKIM LAGERGREN: Yeah, we'll see.

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