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October 7, 2016

Marc Warren

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. How would you assess these two days?
MARC WARREN: Pretty solid golf after poor start yesterday, two bogeys at Kingsbarns. Over the years, that's where I've struggled most to score and the guys seem to shoot the lights out and I turned at level par. I knew I had to obviously play well and make some more birdies today and thankfully I did.

Q. Is there more satisfaction when you're still up there on the leaderboard when you've had such an indifferent start?
MARC WARREN: As you know, it was good mentally more than anything else. You know, you could fight back from not such a good start, obviously a tournament I've been looking forward to and you know, practice has gone really, really well this week and to start with that, is pretty disappointing, but managed to, like I said, find my way back and could have been one or two better yesterday.

But I was pleased I birdied the last for level par and knew St. Andrews today, and hopefully the conditions were kind to us and could make some more birdies.

Q. Does this tournament still hold that little bit of magic for you?
MARC WARREN: Absolutely, it's one of the best tournaments we play all year. The golf courses are amazing and obviously weather permitting, it's a very enjoyable week. I've been lucky with the amateur partners I've had over the years, as well, they have been very interesting and good fun. Yeah, it's a tournament I really enjoy.

Q. How much is the team element on your mind? You're playing with Martin Gilbert this time around.
MARC WARREN: Yeah, obviously one of my sponsors, as well, so I need to putt on a performance and hopefully first time get through as part of the team thing. I haven't made the cut before as a team. So would be good to do it with Martin for the first time.

Q. Good round?
MARC WARREN: Really pleased. Start to finish, stroked the ball really well. Obviously it's a lot tougher, coming back in, the holes are a little bit longer and managed to hole some really good par putts and kept everything going.

Q. Do you seem to get the best out of yourself on tougher courses?
MARC WARREN: Kingbarns, I just don't see a score around it at all. I don't know if it was -- obviously I know the course well enough but I just don't seem to visualise the shots well.

Here at Carnoustie, you know where the flag is, you hit it on the right, but I just don't see that at all at Kingsbarns. I just seem to, never seem to shoot a high score but just seem to hit it to 20, 30 feet.

Come here, and you know, holed a nice putt on the second, and then on 3, actually, I just looked at it once and I didn't even look at it again after. I just seen the line straightaway and actually probably played out of turn -- double green. So one of the guys putting the group normally would wait but I was just going to putt really quick. Rolled in from 20 feet. Just one of those putts, you see it.

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