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October 7, 2016

John Farrell

Cleveland, Ohio - Pregame two

Q. Can you talk about David Price going and getting to the playoff series?
JOHN FARRELL: Yeah, this is the reason why David Price signed to come to Boston is to pitch in the postseason. And we're looking forward to that taking place here today. And I think more than anything for David is to go out and pitch his game. He's well aware of I think a lot of the talk that surrounds him and his meaning and status with our club. But we've got a darned good pitcher going to the mound today and looking forward to it.

Q. He's talked a little about blocking out the outside noise. How difficult is that to do? Have you personally dealt with that with him?
JOHN FARRELL: We've had conversations throughout the course of the year. But I think for any athlete dealing with distractions are always part of the routine that you construct for yourself.

I know these can be mundane approaches in that focusing on the things that you can control. There's going to be opinions that everyone has about an individual and you're not going to agree with most, if any, at all.

But I think David is a strong person. He's convicted in the pitches that he throws and that's what boils down to be the most important thing.

Q. Could you address these stories that the Indians were stealing your signs last night and that's why they hit those three homers?
JOHN FARRELL: Those pitches were mislocated pitches. They're good hitters. We made pitches up in the strike zone and paid for it, particularly on a night where the ball carried as it did last night. But I think inside of any game if you don't have the ability to change signs, you know what, you're probably a step or two behind.

So there's no accusation of any kind. It's a matter of us going out and executing more consistently.

Q. What did you think about David's speed from home to second last night?
JOHN FARRELL: He was safe. That's the most important thing. But, you know what, for a 40-year-old guy to get around the bases as he did at a key moment, you know, from the dugout view when he rounded first, everyone is thinking no, no, no. And then when he slides in safely, now you're applauding the decision on his part.

But he was locked in. There's one thing that David -- he's going to give you what he has today. And sometimes that hasn't been 100 percent in terms of health, with what he's dealt with. But it's the postseason, you know what, our mentality is that there's no tomorrow. And I think he showed it in that home to second.

Q. How confident are you that Bogaerts is going to get out of the slump he's been in?
JOHN FARRELL: Yeah, you know what, it's been a situation where I think he's maybe chased some pitches. I think that was pretty evident last night. Breaking balls down below the zone or off the plate. And I think he's committed to some pitches early, that's where he's maybe addressed some fastballs and maybe not having the best pitch recognition that he's shown previously. So the one thing that we have to do is to continue to get him in a place where he's prepared and ready. And then trust his abilities once the game begins.

He went up against some good pitching last night, chasing some breaking balls and we've got to get away from that.

Q. Considering the Indians bullpen possibly maybe not having a couple of their good guys, do you have your hitters do anything against Kluber to get his pitch count up or is that not possible?
JOHN FARRELL: No, I think our approach -- well, I know our approach every night going in, regardless of the status of the bullpen is put up quality at-bats. We'd like to think we've got a relentless approach, we've shown it against a lot of quality pitchers through the course of the year. We're going up against a good right-hander that, you know what, he hasn't been on the mound for about 10 or 12 days. But to think about their bullpen, facing Kluber probably doesn't do us a whole lot of good. We've got to attack Kluber and go from there.

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