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October 7, 2016

Melvin Upton Jr.

Arlington, Texas - Pregame two

THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with Melvin Upton.

Q. You hit, I think, seven home runs when you were in the 2008 Postseason with the Rays and another one yesterday. Have you changed or evolved as a hitter in those eight years, and if so, how?
MELVIN UPTON JR.: I think every year just try to get better. I don't think there's really anything to point out. Just you just go up there, try to have good ABs and put the bat on the ball.

Q. You guys have had a demanding week going back to last weekend at Boston. At this time of year, does adrenalin/competitive drive take over? What gets you through this I guess is what I'm asking?
MELVIN UPTON JR.: It's the Postseason. Like you said, definitely adrenalin can play a factor. But I think the biggest thing, we are very focused and we know what's at stake here. So just try to continue to do little things, play good defense. Obviously our pitching has been good all year. So us as hitters, just try to piece together and give ourselves a chance.

Q. John Gibbons was just in here and he was saying that Jose Bautista embraces the role of villain. He's good. He rises to the occasion. You've seen him play for a long time now. You're a teammate. Why do you think he relishes that role?
MELVIN UPTON JR.: I don't know, man, just some guys are like that. Some guys feed off of that. And I think obviously being around Jose, you can tell that that's the kind of thing that fuels the fire for him. And he does a great job of controlling his emotions and channelling that towards his game.

Q. Building off what you said about channelling his emotions and all that. What do you think the message was sent yesterday, I mean you guys just kind of the play of the game, he hit the home run in the ninth inning, and it was just a home run, it wasn't anything spectacular or anything, the way he reacted?
MELVIN UPTON JR.: Just go out and play the game, man. Just with the things, obviously, that have been publicized and has gone on in the last couple of months or whatever, you could easily get caught in that. But as a whole we haven't. And we're focused on the game. And yesterday's over with and we have a game to focus on today.


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