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November 9, 2003

Chris Riley


Q. 1-under par today, got off to a fast start, but struggled down the stretch, but all in all a great week for you.

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I definitely would take that week before I came in here. Such a great field here, I was just lucky to get in here, the 29th qualifier. And I played well. Really, if I would have closed the deal, you know, Chad ran away with it. But I feel like I need to play better on the back nine on Sunday.

Q. Let's talk about Chad for a little bit. Did you see at UNLV, in the future that Chad Campbell would be the player that he is now?

CHRIS RILEY: I don't think anybody sees it back in college. But you saw that he had a lot of talent there. His behavior, the way he acts on the golf course is really good. He doesn't get too high, he doesn't get too low. He's just a plain guy. He used to, in college, he used to go through the drive-through and get his cheeseburger with nothing on it. He's just a plain guy, and a great guy. And he's really going to do great on the TOUR. And it was just a great tournament for him.

Q. At the start this week at Champions, obviously a really great golf course, can you believe how low the scores are this week?

CHRIS RILEY: Not really. I really thought 10-under would be a great score here. 61 yesterday, I didn't see it out there. I saw a 66, 67, but 61, I don't know where that came from. If it isn't Chad, or if it isn't me, I hope it's Chad.

Q. Chris, did you really get your just desserts though? I thought you were playing a little bit better than your score suggested at the end.

CHRIS RILEY: Yeah, I gave a couple back coming in. The last four holes, I played them 2-over and Retief played them 3-under and he clipped me by five shots. No, all in all I had a great week, I played well, I hung in there, I grinded my way around, and it was a tough week. I'm very proud of how I played.

Q. You must be very proud too of Chad Campbell, because I know you two have a little history, you go back some way. You must be very happy for him.

CHRIS RILEY: Absolutely. If it wasn't Chad, if it wasn't me, I would rather have Chad win the golf tournament. He's a great guy. We lived together, we played on the same college golf team, and he's going to be a great champion.

Q. What will this mean to him, do you think, his home state, the way he's done it as well, what do you think it will mean?

CHRIS RILEY: A lot. He's dominated every level he's played. He dominated college, he dominated the Hooter's Tour, he dominated the Nationwide Tour, and now he's out here dominating this TOUR. He's a top-tier player. And it's fun to see that.

Q. Well done him, well done you too, Chris.

CHRIS RILEY: Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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