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October 6, 2016

Rikard Karlberg

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. How good do you feel 4-under par is around here today?
RIKARD KARLBERG: It's very good. Took care of the front nine, had a little downbreeze. Played good in the back nine, as well. Just didn't get it close enough to the pins and I didn't hole any putts really. But if you give me 4-under when it's as cold and windy as today, I'll take it.

Q. How significant is that breeze today?
RIKARD KARLBERG: I would say it's like a two-club wind today, because of the cold, as well. It makes a huge difference, especially going into the holes, a little into, across, the wind takes it quite a lot. You have to be in control of your ball.

Q. Do you enjoy the format, playing as part of a team?
RIKARD KARLBERG: It's lovely. I think it's my sixth time here and the first time I've played with another sportsman, playing with Jamie Redknapp, a lovely guy. Enjoyed it a lot. You can talk about his achievements in football and things like that. It's been lovely.

Q. When you're out there for as long as you are, presumably that's good, as well, you have that interaction.
RIKARD KARLBERG: Yeah, doesn't get as serious. If you have other golfers, other professionals, sometimes you don't know how to interact with them. The amateurs are really chill and you can have a good chat. I enjoy it.

Q. How is the state of mind when you see -- I don't know if you have seen, but your many compatriot is leading the tournament having shot 64 at Carnoustie and you see what you've shot at St. Andrews. How do you put that in the mix knowing you have two other courses to play?
RIKARD KARLBERG: It's an amazing score what he shot out there, really good. You just have to try tomorrow to start from zero again and shoot as low as you can, and same at Kingsbarns and you come back here.

When you start as he has done, tough one, he'll be probably the man to catch on Sunday I think. But he's playing so good at the moment, putting well, chipping well, it's hard to catch him because he's so good. But I'll try my best and if I also get a decent couple under tomorrow, might have a chance on Sunday.

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