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October 6, 2016

Richie Ramsay

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. You were burning it up this morning, so where did it all go right for you on Carnoustie today?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Just played smart. It's a course I know well and I know how to play it, especially in different wind, which it's like it today. It's firm, as well. It puts a great premium on hitting the fairways. And obviously some of the pins, you just can't get to because it is too firm. You have to play 20 feet, and that suits my kind of mind-set. I'm born and bred on these types of courses, and just a little bit unlucky at the last there.

But 2-under is a good way to start the tournament.

Q. In the silver lining, there was that one cloud at the last hole unfortunately, so what happened on that hole and where did not work for you?
RICHIE RAMSAY: I just pulled it left off the tee. A really poor tee shot by my standards. I got lucky and chipped it down there, but in the semi-rough, again, looking out there thinking it's going to come out hot and it came out dead. Only just got to the front of the green.

So a mental mistake on my part. I didn't stroke the ball. I just hit it. If I had used my pre-shot routine the way that I normally do, I would have been fine. I could have 2-putted that.

But yeah, 2-under is a decent score. It just feels like the wind's dropped here. But it's just never easy. It's Carnoustie and it's there for a reason, and especially if you play it the way we played it, you know you're in for a tough last four holes.

The last is almost playing like a 5 to be honest.

Q. And this tournament seems to be quite important in your career so far, 2010, you finished fourth place and it helped maintain your tour card. Does it mean a lot playing in this event every year?
RICHIE RAMSAY: Yeah, talking about The Scottish Open being the fifth major, and it's just as high up as that for me. The Dunhill, if you win that, especially the last day, you know you're playing St. Andrews and coming down the stretch, playing on a golf course that has so much history and where fantastic players have won The Open, and any time you can do well around there, it's a great kind of buzz. I'll try to recreate that for Sunday.

But two good days ahead of me and hopefully keep the scoring going, because the guys won't take their foot off the pedal. The birdies will keep coming.

Q. You have Carnoustie under your belt now and a lot of people, that's the way they see it, they prefer to get Carnoustie out of the way, but you'd prefer to play it.
RICHIE RAMSAY: It's more what I would say is a fair golf course. It rewards more ball-striking than just sheer putting. Whereas, yeah, you've got to hit it straight at St. Andrews and you have got to play well at Kingsbarns, but there's a greater premium, and there's a lot more holes here where you think, have to hit a good shot or I'm not going to be left with an easy up-and-down or making par.

They are all good tests. I've just got to take a good attitude tomorrow and be as aggressive as possible.

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