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April 15, 2005

Patrick Sheehan


TODD BUDNICK: We welcome Patrick Sheehan after a 1-under 70 in the second round of the MCI Heritage today. Patrick, kind of a ho-hum scoring day, but not a bad thing for you after your 66 yesterday, and with the winds the way they were today, it was a good thing.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: It was. I mean, it doesn't feel ho-hum because it's playing so hard right now, it's a grind every shot. The last few holes coming in, I didn't hit anything close except for the 9th hole, but you're just off the greens and the greens are getting crusty and fast, and it's difficult even when you're just off the green.

TODD BUDNICK: Talk about that start this morning, 40 degrees and the wind is howling and how difficult is that to get going.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: It's hard, but today at least the sun was out so it didn't feel that cold. I mean, this morning felt warmer than finishing last night. It's just -- the weather has been so bad lately that you just kind of expect it to be lousy anyway.

Q. I mean, if you just look at it, I mean, it's overcast and really cold yesterday, windy, but yet there's a 62, there's a 64, a 65. Why today when it's sunnier and it seems milder; what's the difference that's causing the higher scores today?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: A couple people on the way out said it's a much nicer day. I think it's a prettier day but it's not an easier day to play golf, and right now the greens are firming up, they're getting faster, they're getting crusty, and the winds are still whipping. 18 is still playing like a par 5 right now.

Conditions are just as hard, it's just a prettier day out here.

Q. You're not surprised that there aren't any better scores showing up?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: No. I've been very lucky for two days. Val and I have picked the right club a lot of times and we've made some putts. The first part of this golf course you've got to put it in the right spot in the fairway. Now, with the wind blowing, now you've got to pick the right iron. The greens are tiny here, so it's really difficult to pick the right club. The greens are elevated, a lot of them, so if you miss a green, it's hard getting up-and-down. I've been fortunate for two days we've been pulling the right stick and I've made a couple putts.

Q. Given the weather conditions has it turned out to be maybe a blessing to have the afternoon yesterday and the morning today?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: You know, I don't know what it was like yesterday morning. I was probably still sleeping at 9 o'clock.

Every week when there's going to be some change in weather, you get in the locker room, what wave were you in. Well, I was later. You're like, "oh, you're lucky." It happens all the time, and it all evens out. I don't know what it was like yesterday morning. I can't imagine it was better than this morning, just colder and overcasty. I honestly don't know if there was an advantage to either tee time. I can't say, though, either.

TODD BUDNICK: We'll go through your round, Patrick. You started the day with a bogey on No. 10.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I hit a good drive on 10 and I think I had pitching wedge in and I hit the top of that tree that overhangs the right side of the green, and it came straight down. I hit my chip about eight feet by and missed that.

Then I had a bunch of pars until 16. I hit it pretty close there, just maybe a foot or two. I hit a sand wedge from about 90 yards.

Parred on 17.

Birdied 1, hit it five feet there, driver, 9-iron.

Bogeyed 5, hooked it in the creek over by the trees and two-putted for a bogey.

Then 9, I hit it about five or six feet there, a 4-iron off the tee and a 9-iron.

Q. What were you hitting into 18 today?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: 18, we had 174, I think. Pin is way up in front. I hit 3-iron almost in the right bleachers. I mean, everybody is hitting it over there. The funny thing is you get out there in the fairway -- you get on the green and they show you how far your tee ball went. We hit driver and the longest drive in our group was 223.

Q. And everybody hit driver?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: Everybody hit driver. I mean, the tees are way up on 18. I mean, we're 20 yards closer from where they've got the tee because they've been expecting this wind.

TODD BUDNICK: That's one of the measured holes this week (laughter). I'm kidding.

PATRICK SHEEHAN: It's a poke over the marsh with the wind blowing.

Q. How do you feel heading into this weekend about your chances and what are your expectations now?

PATRICK SHEEHAN: I feel good. I'm playing well. I love this golf course. I played well here last year. If I can keep going with what I'm doing, I'm making putts, hitting a lot of good tee shots, hitting a lot of good irons. You're going to make mistakes out here. This course will test your patience, but if you keep playing well, I mean, anything can happen out here because any hole can grab you. So patience and kind of keep doing what I'm doing hopefully.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, Patrick.

End of FastScripts.

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