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October 6, 2016

Callum Shinkwin

Carnoustie, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Scotland

Q. How good was 5-under?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It was good, yeah. I played pretty solid. I don't think I missed a green today.

Q. So what have you done particularly well apart from not missing the green? Where have you done your scoring?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: I had a couple of long putts and I drove the ball pretty solid. All around game was good but my wedge game into the pins on the front nine was key, holding it up, and not letting the ball get away from you.

Q. Longest putt?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Probably 18, I holed a 30-footer for birdie there.

Q. Makes you feel it's your kind of day?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It does feel great holing a putt on the 18th at St. Andrews.

Q. How tricky has it been with the wind?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It is cold. Last couple holes I had to get out the mittens and woolly hat and a jacket. It does affect you, once the sea breeze cools down a couple degrees.

Q. Is it something you adopt to quite nicely in playing links golf?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: I prefer playing in a jumper. I hate being too warm myself. That's my own preference. Playing links golf back in my amateur days.

This wind, it's not really straight down or straight into. It's sort of down and off the right and into off the left, so it's a tricky wind.

Q. How was it playing as part of a Pro-Am tournament?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: My first time doing it. It took a couple of holes to get used to it. There's quite a lot of distractions going on but eventually once you get used to it and you start playing, it's quite fun.

Q. A different kind of rhythm, isn't it?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: Definitely, especially when you have four balls instead of three or two, and like the amateurs, they have a couple bad holes and looking for balls sometimes. So if you have a good amateur, just don't look, carry on.

Q. How is the team effect going? Did you get on well?
CALLUM SHINKWIN: It's good. He's from the same town as me, Hertfordshire. He was born there. He played with Nick Faldo and he's a member at a club with Jordan Ambridge, so we had a good chat about them.

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