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October 6, 2016

Yu Darvish

Arlington, Texas - Pregame one

THE MODERATOR: We're going to get started with Yu Darvish.

Q. When you were rehabilitating from your surgery this time a year ago and the club was in the playoffs, do you remember what emotions you felt, not being able to help your club?
YU DARVISH: I know I wanted to pitch, but at the same time it wasn't a minor injury I had. It was a major surgery, and I was working out like you never know when you're going to be out pitching again and stuff. And it was more like focusing on my stuff that I was doing rehab and all. But like I said, I wanted to pitch, that's for sure.

Q. How much different of a pitcher are you from that Wild Card game you pitched in 2013?
YU DARVISH: I think I'm physically, both physically and mentally stronger than compared to 2013.

Q. The last couple of outings you pitched well and then you tried a lot of stuff and then you came back strong. But I think it all started on the 17th when you pitched against Oakland. But what were you working on going through those three outings?
YU DARVISH: The last few years, like, I've been working on my commands and stuff. Maybe I was over thinking it. I was thinking too much about commanding my stuff. And then I was able to fix those mental adjustments and just a few minor mechanics changes on those days that I was able to work on and I'm in a place right now.

Q. I'm sure you experienced those kind of playoffs type of games in Japan and here before. So like what is the important thing for you to pitch in this kind of game?
YU DARVISH: I don't change much from my normal routine that when I pitch regular season games. Just take it as another game, that's what I do.

Q. What has the relationship with Doug Brocail meant to you this year, how has he helped you?
YU DARVISH: He means a lot to me. He keeps giving me those positive words that, you know, my head -- so that I can keep focusing on what I've been doing and keep my confidence. And then sometimes -- once in a while I have like bad bullpens and he looks unhappy, but most of the time like he gives me all those positive words and he means a lot to me.

Q. Mentioned that you couldn't pitch last year because you had Tommy John surgery and rehab. Now that you're here pitching in the playoffs, how do you feel emotionally right now?
YU DARVISH: I think it's like a great thing for me. Last year I couldn't pitch. I wanted to pitch but I couldn't. And then this year I'm physically healthy and I'm ready, I can pitch in the game. So I'm happy about that.

Q. You mentioned about struggling with the command, like you told us before that all those fastballs and sliders sometimes you're trying to be too perfect. But like before you also mentioned that trying to just pitch in the strike zone. So that means like you're trying to overpower those guys with those fastballs and sliders.
YU DARVISH: I'm not that kind of guy who can always hit the same spot, like, I'm not ever going to repeat that kind of pitches. But at the same time I think I have pretty good stuff that I can throw in the strike zone, that I have that kind of command. It's just those mental changes might mean a little bit but not -- I don't think that answered your question but...

Q. What makes the Toronto Blue Jays lineup dangerous?
YU DARVISH: Try not to hit 'em, that's all I think about. (Laughter).

Q. The Blue Jays are one of the teams that haven't seen you since Tommy John surgery. So tomorrow when they take the field against you, how would you describe how you're a different pitcher to them?
YU DARVISH: My focus for tomorrow, it's like I do every time I go out there, just see how the hitter reacts to my pitches and then I make adjustments. That's all I do.

Q. You mentioned about like tomorrow's outing's going to be like other regular season games, but like today's media conference, it's not something that you normally do, but we do here because of the playoffs. And then I'm sure you're trying to keep your routines the same but there's obviously the differences. What do you do to keep your routine going towards tomorrow's outing?
YU DARVISH: It's my routine. Something changes outside with the world like maybe some of you may not be here on a normal time but like I don't change my routines. I control what I do and then sometimes, you know, something like some people say like you're discriminated words and then all the people get all the attention, you get all the media. Same thing I don't control those things. Like I do what I can control.


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