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October 5, 2016

Andy Murray

Beijing, China

A. MURRAY/A. Kuznetsov

6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Your opponent tried to be aggressive in the match. He gave you trouble in your service games. How do you feel about that?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, I mean, that was the one part of the game I could have done better tonight. I didn't start the match off serving very well. I served better in the second set, especially towards the end.

But, yeah, on this surface, when it's cold conditions, when you're serving, the beginning of the first set I was serving like probably 30% first serves. Gives your opponent a good chance to dictate the points.

Yeah, that's something I'll need to do better in my next one.

Q. Second match in as many days. How is the thigh holding up?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah, it's fine. I felt fine when I came here. I trained for a couple of days before coming to test it out. No problem. I've been moving well.

Actually felt quite quick on the court, which sometimes when you take a break, maybe takes a little bit of time to get that sharpness back.

But I think that's what my body needed at that stage of the season, after the amount of tennis I played. I needed some time away. I've gotten up to speed quite quickly again.

Q. There's this stalker story making the rounds. Can you tell us when did it happen? What actions were taken?
ANDY MURRAY: I've been told I'm not allowed to give any locations of where it happened. But it was over a number of tournaments in Europe.

But this happened a long time ago. This was not like in the last two, three years. This was like six years ago maybe. And, yeah, it went on for basically 12 months and then it stopped. Had no issues since then.

But, yeah, it was a pretty strange few months for me. Kind of everywhere I went, hotels around the world, I was kind of bumping into the same person. Someone had been in my room. So, yeah, it was a bit uncomfortable.

Thankfully it's done with now.

Q. Head were quite quick yesterday to come out with, We stood with Maria, hashtag, and received some flack for it. Do you think it was an appropriate response at the time?
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I think Head made themselves pretty clear in March time when obviously the story came out how they were going to handle it. They said that they were going to support her through it all. I don't think anyone maybe should have been surprised by it because of how they reacted in March.

I spoke about it back then, how I felt about it. Obviously when I was asked about it yesterday, I was asked about the sentence potentially being reduced. It doesn't mean I've changed my stance on how I feel about it.

Maria competed at the Australian Open whilst using a banned drug, and then deserves a suspension. The time of the suspension, that's not up to me. With everything that's gone on this year with meldonium, obviously there were going to be some issues with that legally.

But, yeah, obviously it's done now. I've answered so many questions on it this year, all through March, and again here, I don't feel like I need to keep talking about it. I've made my position very clear on how I felt about it. It's the same as it was in March, and I'll move on.

Q. How do you feel about the quarterfinals? You're going to play against your teammate, Kyle Edmund. How do you feel about playing against your teammate?
ANDY MURRAY: I'm fine with it. Like the day of the match, it's always a little bit uncomfortable because normally when you see your friends and stuff in the locker room, you have a chat, joke around a bit. But on match days, it always tends to be a little bit more serious.

Once you get out on the court and start competing, it's fine. After the match, again, it's always fine. But it's just sort of the couple hours before when you see each other in the locker room, it can be a little bit uncomfortable.

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