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October 6, 2016

Paula Creamer

Taipei, Taiwan

Q. Congratulations. Super round. You seemed to thrive under the difficult conditions.
PAULA CREAMER: I've always played really well when it's windy and just kind of tough, you have to think a lot out there. Colin and I worked really well as a team today.

I mean, it's pretty windy in certain spots out on this golf course, and he did a good job of figuring that out for us.

Q. Well a super team effort. There was some exceptional play out there, in particular when you got close to potentially having a bogey. Super up and down on 17.
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, Gary Gilchrist his team, the past couple weeks we've worked really hard on my short game, and we've continued to do that over the last several months.

But, you know, in situations like today it kind of came into play on 15, 16, 17. You know, that is what helps you stay in contention, getting up and down from those certain areas.

Q. Has it been hard to get a lesson with Gary Gilchrist? He's looking after half the field it seems.
PAULA CREAMER: I know. When we first started in December it was just Shanshan and I. Now there are like ten girls. It's pretty cool. He's awesome at what he does. He's a great coach. You know, he makes it a lot of fun. The team that he has there, they take really good care of me and help motivate. It's fun to have that.

But, yes, it is get is harder.

Q. It's been an okay year by your very high standards. How are you encouraged by today's play?
PAULA CREAMER: Definitely has not been okay by my standards, that's for sure. I started out really strong. I knew it was going to be tough with all the changes that I've made. I've been telling people that I am very close. It's just a matter of time.

It was great to come out here and play with no bogeys, especially in these conditions. I was really calm all throughout the day, and that's something that Gary and I have been really working on, is just my demeanor out on the golf course.

We take a lot of the good highlights from today. So that was a good thing.

Q. In particular, were you having to hit different shots out there with the breeze being so strong and into you at times?
PAULA CREAMER: Definitely. Even the British Open this year wasn't windy at all. I think the last time we played in wind like this was in Hawaii, so it's been a while.

That's what the practice rounds are for. Just committing to the shots you're going to hit, and I did pretty good that today, I would say.

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