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October 5, 2016

Ze Zhang

Mao-Xin Gong

Beijing, China


7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese, please.

Q. How did you handle the noise?
ZHANG ZE: It was not bad. The fans come to watch us play. It was really a great game. It was very crowded. Some fans wanted to get in and find a place to be seated.

But we are all professional players. This type of environment should never impact us. That's the way we're showing our professionalism. We are not impacted.

Q. Zheng Shuai encouraged the crowd to create a quiet environment. Which do you prefer?
GONG MAO-XIN: If we get the point, we would expect shouting from the fans. But during the process of play, or when we're moving into the next set, we would hope the environment would be quiet as possible.

Q. In the first set, you were quite close. Nadal broke your serve and volley. You still had a lot of opportunities. Are you satisfied with your performance today?
GONG MAO-XIN: Pretty good. At the end of the first set Nadal gave us a lot of good examples. We were playing good. If we could have done a better job, we might have had a closer match.

Q. Gong, your ranking has entered into the top 100. You're going to find a partner to help you proceed. Which partner are you going to choose?
GONG MAO-XIN: As of today. Zhang Ze is my partner. This is not good enough for me to move into the Grand Slams or the ATP 500s. At the end of the season, if I could maintain a ranking of 70 or 80, I'd be able to find more quality doubles partners.

But for right now I would like to partner with Zhang Ze.

Q. About the ranking, Zhang, you do not among the top 100. Are you going to try harder?
GONG MAO-XIN: This is a professional game. Last year I lost my first match in the China Open. This year I made a change. If I won a again in China Open, it means I could take two wins in Shenzhen.

Q. Among the women's tennis players, the doubles will help the singles. Are you going to repeat this again?
ZHANG ZE: Personally speaking, it will move me up quicker in doubles. When I find it difficult to move in, my partner can help me. In the singles you're alone to make changes. In doubles, as far as I'm concerned, doubles will help me to move my rankings up in the singles.

In this regard, doubles is a good platform for me to spend time and effort. I hope that I could also move my rankings up in the singles.

Q. (Indiscernible).
ZHANG ZE: Over the whole process, we are equals in the beginning. Nadal played doubles, and we were prepared to compete with them. We watched their videos in the first round. We were brave. We developed our full potentials today.

Nadal is a superstar. At critical moments, he's really good at getting the key points. He's really above us. He astounded us. We did a good job, but still we're lagging behind Nadal. If it was not Nadal, but another player, we might have beaten them.

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