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October 5, 2016

Branden Grace

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

BRANDEN GRACE: It's one of those weeks I where I love coming back to and this is a time of year I normally bring my best. It's pretty special so that's going to be a fun week not just for myself but for the family.

PAUL SYMES: You've taken a bit of time off. Energy levels are good and you're ready to go again?

BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, it's been a busy season, it's been a tough season and it's been a great season, as well. The three weeks off was very much needed and I think the batteries are charged and ready now for a big push towards the end of the season is needed.

PAUL SYMES: And Johan Rupert this week, playing in his tournament, must be pretty special.

BRANDEN GRACE: Not really much can describe what he does for golf, not just worldwide golf and South Africa. He doesn't always like getting recognition for it but he's one in a million. I've gotten to know where him and his wife pretty well and I've had the opportunity playing with him in 2012. He wasn't really happy that we beat him but he's one great guy and does so much for golf and everybody back in South Africa so it's awesome.

Q. You said it's been a great year, getting to Top-10 in the world, getting up in the majors consistently. What's been the highlight this year and what's been the difference?
BRANDEN GRACE: I think it's been pretty similar to last year to be honest. Just getting into the majors, when you get that feeling that you can compete, it doesn't make it easier but it almost does if I can put it that way. You feel as if you advance a little to get the victory and you start to feel comfortable out there.

It's been a quick transcendence perfect performing well in the majors and just keep performing well in the majors. It's great. Now I can be there. It could have been a lot better but I'm excited for what the future has got in store. I'm playing well and I'm playing some great golf. I'm Top-10 in Europe on the Money List, and to get the victory in the States was pretty big for me. Now I'm pretty much done over there and try to get into maybe one of those top spots for the race to Dubai coming to the end of the season.

Q. Being able to play, you and your dad, Rory and his dad, is that as special as it comes?
BRANDEN GRACE: When I first asked if I could bring my dad they said you have to be either Top-50 in the world or you have to win a major. I think the major was a long shot, both were long shots but I got it and like I said, he's a nice enough guy. I played with my dad yesterday for the first time out here on the Old Course and it was phenomenal. You don't get a lot of moments with family like this, especially golf being such ab individual sports. It's very special.

Q. Can you offer a perspective on The Ryder Cup last week? I know you have The Presidents Cup but doesn't have the same intensity.
BRANDEN GRACE: Yeah, as an international player, you never like seeing the Americans win. They keep winning The Presidents Cup but we're getting closer. The International Team is getting better and better and we've got close. I think it's great golf for to see it being so close and so interesting. I must say, I was glued to the TV every night watching it.

But the better team did win at the end of the day. That's a fact. Those guys, they played magnificent golf and if you saw what Sergio and Mickelson did on Sunday, it's phenomenal. They were 18-under between the two of them. That's what Ryder Cup and things are all about. I know the next one in France is going to be a big one. I know the boys are going to want to get the trophy back.

Q. Your dad, is he good at golf or other sports?
BRANDEN GRACE: He is, but he says my mom has nothing to do with it. That's his claim to fame. He was quite a good athlete in his younger days, a little cricket and things like that, and he enjoys the game. He doesn't get to play much with the business we've got back in South Africa, but it's going to be a great week. It's a one in a lifetime experience so it's nice to bring him along.

Q. Back on The Ryder Cup, do you find yourself wondering what the pressure might be like? Would you say that The Presidents Cup is more of a friendlier competition?
BRANDEN GRACE: Not at all. We still want to beat them and they still want to beat us. On the road maybe they think it's easier in The Presidents Cup than The Ryder Cup. But with the points structure that's changed a little bit last year, just shows that Presidents Cup is getting to that point where things can get interesting, and it showed last year. It went down to the final game.

But the pressure is just so big when you get to those weeks. I mean, I remember my first one was Muirfield was awesome. You feel like there is no pressure like it and I'm sure the guys feel like the boys are going to play the same this year.

It was a lot more chill last year but I'm sure when we get to Liberty National next year, it's going to be brutal. The New Yorkers they don't hold anything back. It's going to be pretty close to what it was this year for the boys in The Ryder Cup.

That's what the week is all about. You want to get the guys together. You feed off it and it brings out the best players to step it up and to really get the points for the team when you need it.

If you ever get to be in that position and to get into that team, you know, there's just no feeling like it. There's no other week like it. A major is something big but the pressure in a Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup is so much bigger than a major.

PAUL SYMES: Thanks very much.

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