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October 5, 2016

Rafa Cabrera Bello

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

Q. How are your energy levels?
RAFA- CABRERA-BELLO: Well, I am feeling fine today. Yesterday I did feel pretty tired. I felt that I needed to catch up on some sleep. Mentally, I feel very happy. I feel confident with my game at the moment.

Still thinking about last week and not so much focused on this week, which is not ideal, but I think in a way, it's a bit inevitable, but I'm sure that come tomorrow, having had another good night's sleep, a bit more rest and then just get it back to competing in a golf course and type of golf that I like, which I love, links golf, it's going to get the blood flowing again, the juices going, so I'll hopefully do my best.

Q. Where is the balance between personal satisfaction and disappointment from last week?
RAFA- CABRERA-BELLO: Yes, there is a bit of both obviously. I'm disappointed that we did lose, but I'm also happy with the way I performed and with the effort that everyone put in. Everyone tried their best and whether you win or you lose, I think the values we play for in The Ryder Cup are greater than that.

I mean, the team spirit, fighting for something bigger than yourself, everyone helping each other, fighting shoulder to shoulder like Darren taught us, I mean, I think those values are more important.

So within time, the disappointment of not having been able to retain the Cup will fade and we'll just have the great memories.

Q. Are you able to take a lot of personal benefit from it to move on feeling that perhaps you've grown or gained something from the week?
RAFA- CABRERA-BELLO: Yes, personally, well most importantly is the friendship and how close I've gotten to some of the -- well, to all my teammates, really. We walked in as friends and we walked in as really, really, really good friends. We carried for one another. We rooted for one another and those are things that I will treasure the most.

And then on a professional level, I was very proud to perform the way I did on probably one of the toughest golf stages in the world, which is Ryder Cup, where there's the most amount of pressure that you can't really imagine until you've experienced it.

I was really, really happy to perform good, to play along with Sergio and to get to beat some world-class players.

Q. This is a different stage entirely, but it's the Home of Golf. Is this the ideal tournament to come back to after all the exploits of last week?
RAFA- CABRERA-BELLO: Yes, if you're not taking a week off, this is the ideal tournament. You're playing alongside an amateur. It's a more relaxed, a more festive type of tournament. I am playing with a good friend of mine who I've played the last few years, as well, so I will be enjoying it. We're playing at the Home of Golf. We're playing links golf, which is something that I like. And hopefully we won't play in too cold of a weather or too much rain.

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