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October 4, 2016

Ze Zhang

Beijing, China

J. SOCK/Zhang Ze

6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. The courts were slippery. Did you think they were slippery and wet?
ZHANG ZE: In my opinion, we are all good players, and we play pretty fast. It is quite normal. Yes, we could find there was some water on the ground, on the court.

Q. How did that affect your play?
ZHANG ZE: It's pretty good for me because I concentrated on the performance instead of the court.

I was quite satisfied with my performance today. But for the players, they are really good on the serve. This gave me a lot of pressure. I looked at the stats. I didn't have a break of serve, but my opponent had 11. This is a big difference. It's very important for us to get service breaks. I'd like to do a better job in this regard.

Q. (Question about the second set.)
ZHANG ZE: I was really good at managing the pressure today. I was quite positive. In the two sets, I tried to cover the loss of my points and I missed two opportunities.

The opponent gave me a lot of pressure in the second half of the set, but still I held on.

Q. You're going to participate in the doubles. Nadal is one of your opponents. Will you have more pressure because he is the Olympic champion?
ZHANG ZE: Of course, I feel quite excited. This is a new event I'm participating in. I'd like to improve my skills both in doubles and singles. Tomorrow I will get myself pretty prepared. I have a lot of expectations. I hope I can do a pretty good job.

Q. Regarding Nadal, he is recognized as a good player (indiscernible).
ZHANG ZE: The competition court is different because of the effect of the rain. The speed of the ball is much faster. I watched Sock's serve in the past. I modified my skills, about you he's really strong, especially during the key points.

He's a very threatening player. It seems to me I cannot room to breathe.

Q. You didn't attend the qualifying of the US Open and Australian Open. In the next year, are you going to attend the Australian Open?
ZHANG ZE: Maybe in 2017. I may go to the Australian Open. In 2017 I will attend the China national games. My efforts will be, in the first half of 2017, trying to engage in the big games, as many as possible.

Q. I'd like to know more about your attitude, feelings and emotions. On one hand you would be happy to play with top players. On the other hand, you are getting wild cards every year. Do you have extra pressure?
ZHANG ZE: I try to stand up in the big games. This year in the China Open, I'd like to do a better job. I find myself pretty lucky with the draw. I tried to beat my opponent, but today I lost again, which is sad.

In the two sets, I did not find big distances. We're quite close. It is really a pity for me to lose again. I hope the fans will be very supportive. I do not hope the fans will blame us. Please give us more encouragement because we are working to try to play a better game.

Q. You talk about the support of the fans. You want more support. Do you find some reasons for you to receive support from fans?
ZHANG ZE: Most of the players are popular in the eyes of Chinese fans. For the young players, they are almost invisible. This is a problem. We are standing up, but we are unable to get wild cards for each tournament.

The point is I'd like to encourage more young tennis players to have courage to beat us in the China Open. They should come out understand participate in different games.

Only by encouraging young tennis players will we find new prospects.

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