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October 5, 2016

Lydia Ko

Brooke Henderson

Ai Miyazato

Taipei, Taiwan

THE MODERATOR: Ai, you've played here all five years this tournament has existed. What do you love so much about Taiwan? What keeps you coming back, and what is it about this course?

AI MIYAZATO: Well, my favorite thing is -- I have a lot, but the local people is really supportive this tournament. You know, it's always really nice crowd. Of course Yani is a huge symbol from Taiwan, but I love the food and I love this weather, nice and humid.

The golf course is absolutely beautiful. We played a different golf course the first couple years, but usually gets really windy. That makes it really interested, you know. The wind is definitely the huge challenge for this week.

But, you know, this tournament is such a great tournament, and we really appreciate you guys having us for this week.

THE MODERATOR: Moving on to Lydia, the defending champion here, and third place finish otherwise. You talked a little bit last year about how fun it is to be able to play well and for all these girls to be able to represent the tour well all over the globe.

Being back here, what is your favorite part about playing in Asia and representing tour everywhere?

LYDIA KO: Yeah, I just love coming o this play all these different tournaments in Asia. We get to go to different countries and experience different cultures. There are so many countries involved and every country is different in its own way. Even by tournament it's very different.

Actually haven't gone to play Japan yet, so that's what I'm looking forward to this year. I love coming back here. Like Ai said, the fans have been fantastic. And especially for me getting to go play with Yani tomorrow, I think that will attract a lot of people to come out and watch.

But, no, it's great. I think because we don't come here all the time, you know, just during the September to November time. I think everybody in Asia is excited to see us; we love coming here. We get treated so well and the support of the tournament, it's been so much fun.

Like you said, our tour is very global. We go to these different countries and play in front of our fans, and I think it's a great treat. It's just so much fun.

I really love this Asian swing.

THE MODERATOR: Brooke, you've had kind of a breakout season here this year, 2016. A bunch of top 10s; couple good finishes here in the last two. Can you point to like one thing your game that you're like really leaning on or really confident about? How are you looking forward to carrying that success into this week?

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, definitely had an incredible year so far. Very happy about it. I feel like my overall game has become more consistent, a little bit more accurate, and I think that that's something that -- the last few weeks, you know, top 10 at the last major of the year and a good finish last week in China.

So going into this week I feel pretty confident about my game, and looking forward to the chance to play in front of the Taiwanese fans. I love it here. We arrived on I guess Sunday night pretty late and we just walked around a little bit and experienced the culture and the people.

Even the bus ride from the hotel to the course is really cool. It's really different and I love it. So really looking forward to this week, and hopefully continue to bring the consistency and have a good finish.

THE MODERATOR: Open up to the media for questions.

Q. (Through translation.) This question is for Ms. Henderson. You played 25 tournaments so far this year. This is your 26th tournament. The question is: How have you adjusted to such a hectic life? How does it compare with your last year?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it has been a busy year, but it's been a lot of fun. We've been able to travel all around the world and to a bunch of places, and I've been able to do it alongside my older sister, Brit, who also caddies for me.

Just been really enjoying ourselves. I may be a little bit tired but just try to rest early part the week and look forward to next place. Kind of feel the adrenaline and build the energy from that.

Q. (Through translation.) This question is addressed to Lydia. Lydia, you won your very first professional win here in Taiwan in 2013, Swinging Skirts. You won here last year and finished in the third place the year before. In addition to that, you also won two Swinging Skirts LPGA Classics in San Francisco. What is so special about you and Taiwan? You seem to play very well in Taiwan or tournaments related to Taiwan, especially on this golf course.
LYDIA KO: Yeah, when I won here for the first time in 2013 it was only my second event as a professional. No, I think I was so excited I was finally pro and I could play alongside these amazing girls and role models like Ai here. I think that was really cool thing, for me to be able to play alongside them.

Not long ago I was watching on TV and magazines and seeing them. Being able to play alongside them I think was really cool. Really started from there.

I think personally the Swinging Skirts, you know, they've been a huge supporter. The tournament (indiscernible) are like my Taiwanese parents. They've really taken me in and they have been really supportive.

My birthday has actually been at that event the past two years, at Lake Merced, too, I just felt so much welcoming and love from the Taiwan fans.

When you come back to a place where you've played well before or you won there, you know, it feels a lot like home and you always love coming back. I think there are a few reasons, but, you know, it's been really cool. I think I've been very fortunate to have these experiences and opportunities to play at these great golf courses.

I think no matter if you've played well there or you've never played well there, I think the fans are the same. They welcome you. They love and are excited to see us there. I think that's what makes us excited to come there and play well.

Q. (Through translation.) For Ai, there are so many young players coming up, teenagers, like Brooke and Lydia. Do you feel the pressure? Do you feel any pressure from these teenagers sitting next to you?
AI MIYAZATO: That's interesting question, but I don't feel pressure from them. It's actually more inspiring from them. They been really success as a young age, and this tour is actually not that easy, I guess.

I been playing on this tour almost 11 years now. You have so many up and downs and go through so many things. It's just the same with your life. So many up and downs, and you just have to be patient sometimes.

They all know about it, you know, as a teenager, which is very interesting. It's inspiring because they're so motivated to win the tournaments. Sometimes just good to reminds me that fresh feeling to me, you know.

So, I mean, it's always fun to see them and fun to play with them. You know, hopefully I can keep up with them. (Laughter.)

Q. (Through translation.) Ai, we would like to know, do you feel any different from when you joined the tour 11 years ago?
AI MIYAZATO: Yeah, for sure. You can't be the same, you know, for ten years, I guess. Like I said, I'm not that young anymore but I have so many experience. I feel much more comfortable to playing on this tour right now because I know myself more through these experience.

My life outside of the golf course is great so I feel like I'm having a more good balance between life and golf, which is more important I think in your life.

So, no, I been great. My game is not in good shape since last couple years, but I try getting there. Like I said, this is my life, and sometimes you have to climb your mountain. All you can do is just be patient.

I know my time is coming soon, so just keep trying.

Q. (Through translation.) Do you find it necessary to balance yourself, your life, and your golf? Do you think just go for it?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I think it's really important to have a balanced life. I feel like so far I've been able to do that really well. Went to high school and I finished with my friends and I still have great relationships back home where I am from even though I'm only there a couple weeks of the year now.

I feel like I still have great relationships with family and friends. Everything in life I feel is going perfectly. Kind of living the dream that I always wanted: Traveling around the world competing against the best in the world.

I know golf won't last forever, but want to take part in some other things that are important to me, and then when I retire eventually I'll have those to go back to.

LYDIA KO: I agree. (Laughter.) Yeah, you know, I think it is very important to have the balance. I think that's why a lot of us, even on tour, even though we're playing sometimes against each other or alongside each other, we still have great friendships. Those kind of things lead to going out to dinners or doing out to watch movies.

I think it's great you can have the balance during tournaments, and obviously when you go back home to see family and friends. Like Brooke said, even though we would love to play this game that we love for so long, I think it is important to have a life outside of golf.

I think when you refer back to Ai, having that happiness outside, off the golf course is so important. They almost marry each other. If you're happy out there that can bring happiness on the golf course.

No, I think this is important where you're not thinking about golf 24/7. You need to have that balance where you can take your mind off it and do some other things. I think that's why off-seasons are very important.

You have the time where -- you know, you'll have some time off where you might do some things that normally you wouldn't do during the season.

Then you go back and train and prepare for next season.

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