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October 2, 2016

Zheng Saisai

Beijing, China

R. VINCI/Zheng Saisai

6-0, 3-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Today was a tough match. It was so close. At the beginning, it was hard for you too adapt.
ZHENG SAISAI: In the first set, I was not in good form. Her balls seemed slow. In the first set I made a lot of unforced errors. After that, I adjusted my game.

Q. In the third set, you actually broke her twice, but you got broken back.
ZHENG SAISAI: From the second set to the third set I performed very well, winning a lot of points. It went 3-1, 3-2. Vinci played more aggressively with her returns.

In the end of the match, I was not patient. I chose the wrong approach with my returns. Sometimes I chose the wrong tactics to return.

Q. After the US Open, you often had three-set matches, but you didn't win. Have you thought about your wins and losses?
ZHENG SAISAI: Since the US Open I played four three-setters, but I did not win those matches. I think, normally speaking, I like to play three-setters so I can adjust my shots.

Actually, this year is a long season for me. I played more matches this year than the previous years. I played about 90 or 100 matches, singles and doubles combined. I feel a little bit fatigued physically after the US Open.

Actually, I've played the China Open so many times. The first year I won in the China Open. It's a kind of improvement for me over these years.

Q. It's near the end of the season. Your serve is your weakness. During the off-season training, will you make some adjustments on your serve?
ZHENG SAISAI: Next stop I will go to Hong Kong before the off-season. Actually, I'd like to play some other tournaments. I think after Hong Kong, I will not play in other tournaments.

It depends on my physical strength. If I feel okay, I would like to play more tournaments.

Q. In the Wuhan Open you suffered a first-round loss. You believe your opponent played very well. Today you played Vinci. Maybe Vinci didn't adapt to your style. How can you adjust yourself better to adapt to your opponent more quickly?
ZHENG SAISAI: Each time I play in the China Open, I feel nervous. I like to play well in front of the Chinese fans.

At the very beginning I did not very well. My footwork wasn't very good. I believe that it is harder for me to win in the China Open than during the Grand Slams.

Today I played better than previous years. Today I had a three-setter instead of playing two sets. I like to hang in there. Today I saw some hope. But anyway, I lost. I hope that next year I can play better. I hope that I can win the first round in next year's China Open.

Q. Last year in Zhuhai. You played Keys. You said you should improve your serve. After the past year, anything you're looking to improve?
ZHENG SAISAI: In retrospect, I've played many matches. I've had some success and some failures, maybe because of my mentality. After this season I think my performance has had ups and downs. Sometimes I can play very well and I can beat some top players. This year there were so many ups and downs in my performance.

I played many WTA tournaments, not the lower-level ones. I've had many opportunities to compete against those top players. I think keeping healthy is the key. On many occasions because of my health I have canceled a lot of important tournaments.

During this winter off-season, I would like to keep healthy and fit to get ready for the next season.

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