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October 2, 2016

Yafan Wang

Beijing, China


6-2, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Yesterday you won playing aggressively, as you did today. You played very aggressively today.
WANG YAFAN: When I prepared for this match, I like to compete with the top players. I like to play not that conservatively. I don't want to be too conservative. I like to play aggressively.

Q. Are you worried if you play too aggressively, you may make a lot of unforced errors?
WANG YAFAN: No. Of course we may make some mistakes, but it depends on the moment. If it's a key moment, if you make the mistake, it is too bad. It's okay for us to make some minor mistakes.

Q. As for the qualifying rounds, it was tough. In the main draw, do you feel more confident?
WANG YAFAN: Yes. Today I felt more comfortable than how I felt during the qualifying. During qualifying, I wanted to win.

Right now in the main draw, the more I want to do is enjoy the competition.

Q. In the Australian Open, you made it into the main draw. In the US Open, you made it to the second round. What do you take away from those important tournaments?
WANG YAFAN: At the beginning of this year, after the Australian Open, I changed my coach. I found a good chemistry with my new coach. That new coach helped me to change my way of play.

Right now we work together very well.

Q. Next round you may face Petra Kvitova. Any plans for the next match? How will you prepare for the next match with Petra?
WANG YAFAN: I'd like to learn more from her. I will focus on my shots, my game. I don't feel pressure facing her. What I need to do is to play my game, my shots.

Of course, I may not beat her, but I would, like, to try my best.

Q. We had seven players in the qualifications. You are the only one to win the first round in the main draw. After so many rounds of competition, what is the key for your success? Is it because of your power or strength, or because your opponents are not so good?
WANG YAFAN: As for the qualifying competition, I won those tough matches. The opponents were quite good. Maybe I had good luck during qualifying.

But, of course, I played very well competing against them. So in a word some luck and also my level of play.

Q. As for this match, you played very aggressively. You performed very well. Any area you need to improve further moving forward?
WANG YAFAN: On the whole, I played very well during this match. The weakness is that on some points or in some games I had some ups and downs. But fortunately there were no big ups and downs.

I need to control those fluctuations in the future.

Q. You said you attribute your success to your coach. Can you tell us more about your coach and the chemistry between the two of you.
WANG YAFAN: In terms of preparation, we were not familiar with this opponent. We didn't know what her style was. We focused on my game, my shots, and also my mentality, mental strength.

My coach is a foreigner. At the beginning, we had different ideas. Now gradually we understand each other better. At the very beginning we may have had some friction and quarrels, but now we have better chemistry with each other.

Q. You are the only Chinese player to make it into the main draw. Is it motivation for you to make it into the main draw?
WANG YAFAN: Actually I thought I didn't have the opportunity to be here, but I got the wild card. Some other Chinese players' rankings is higher than mine. I don't have many thoughts on it. I like to play match by match.

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