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October 2, 2016

Davis Love III

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. Three out of the first five matches, it looked like their strategy might be paying off or might potentially pay off for Europe. At what point did you start to feel comfortable?
DAVIS LOVE III: About 20 minutes ago. No, we saw the board get really blue when I was on the first tee and I felt like in the past that I've hung around and not supported guys correctly on Sunday.

So we took off, as soon as Zach got on the tee -- watched him hit and took off and started watching guys. All the assistant captains seemed to go to the right guy at the right time, make some putts or make a birdie or win a hole. I think we had a good strategy that allowed these guys to support these guys all day and not just feel like they are out there by themselves in singles.

Q. Can you sum that up?
DAVIS LOVE III: This team had to come together, and we lost Arnold Palmer on Sunday, that was tragic for golf. It was a blow to our team, obviously to start off the week, so many crazy things have happened.

You know, it's not about one guy, but Bubba showed us how much heart this American Team has. We've been criticized for eight or ten years for not coming together, and Bubba, Phil Mickelson, everybody played on the team or didn't play on the team showed that we had a lot of heart and pulled together.

That's one of the reasons -- we felt like we could all get together and trust around this plan, and I'm humbled that they put me in this position. Everything that's happened, just been very, very special for these 12 and then six captains.

Q. After Medinah, what does this mean for you?
DAVIS LOVE III: Honestly in the back I was apologizing in the back of 17 green on 2012. I said, don't ever do that again, because that was a great team. We played our hearts out. It was a lot of fun and an experience I'll always remember. This is different. This is a different 12 and they have never played together before.

I'm super proud of them. For everybody that's ever been a part of The Ryder Cup, we all pulled together.

Q. What was the difference in team spirit?
DAVIS LOVE III: Just because we got kicked around for so long. You keep losing, you feel like you've got to do something different. It was a little bit of a rebuilding, a little bit of a shift in attitude, but from Raymond Floyd to Rickie Fowler in those first meetings, we said we're going to do whatever it takes to get this on the right track. You know what, we're not going to win every one of them but we're going to go into it with a better attitude from here on forward.

Q. What are you most proud of looking back on this week?
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, that our guys handled the pressure. The Europeans came in here and played unbelievable golf, from Rory all the way through, there was a lot of stunning golf. Phil put up ten birdies and only got a halve.

Unbelievable golf, and I'm proud of what Darren's done. But our team really rallied together and beat and played one of the best teams ever in The European Team.

Q. Tiger was a strong presence and you were the captain; how did you manage that balance?
DAVIS LOVE III: The great thing is there was no battle between all of us. We all pulled together. If I made a decision, Phil agreed with it, whether he really agreed with it or not. Everybody did their part from the people in the locker room to the guys on the golf course. Everybody did their part.

Q. Celebrations tonight? What are they going to be like, Davis?
DAVIS LOVE III: It will be a lot of fun. We've talked about things to do. One of them, going to Arnold Palmer's service on Tuesday, and I told them, let's just finish this job first and then we'll move on, and I'm sure we'll share it with our European friends, as well.

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