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October 2, 2016

Steve Stricker

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

STEVE STRICKER: Davis put two years of his life or more into this event, again, to try to get a win for our side. The whole task force, guys really taking the time and energy and effort to try to work things out, so it means a lot to a lot of people. It kind of -- Medinah stings for me still to this day. So it's not about redemption or anything like that. It's just winning the event and winning the Cup back and getting it here on U.S. soil.

It's finally good to feel the winning side of things.

Q. You mentioned the task force. What has the difference been this time around? Why has this team won eight out of the last ten?
STEVE STRICKER: I think it's just communication, I really do. I think it's communication amongst the players, to the The PGA of America. The PGA of America, listening to players a little bit, and just talking it out and seeing what could be done better, and that was done.

There's still a lot of pressure on these guys and everybody to get it done this week, because we've put all this time in. So it's nice to see it worked, and hopefully moving forward, you know, this is a new beginning for our Team USA really on The Ryder Cup side of things, and hopefully we can continue. They played great today and hats off to both sides. They played some unbelievable golf.

Q. Tends to be a cyclical thing. Do you feel that this task force or Ryder Cup committee, as we are now calling it, may be the turning point for America; this may be the new beginning you've been waiting for?
STEVE STRICKER: That's our hope, any ways. That was our objective going into it and that's what we want to do. But you're right, it is a cyclical thing, and it goes in waves, and that's sports, right.

So all I know is that we came out on the good side of things finally and it feels really good.

Q. Aside from winning, what's been your favorite moment of the week?
STEVE STRICKER: You know, just watching. Just watching this great golf. It's unbelievable. These guys are under an immense amount of pressure and they are pulling off shots left and right, and then just spending the time with the other players in the team room and all the other vice captains and Bubba Watson coming in, it just has been a special week for all of us.

Q. Give us a sense of Tiger Woods' involvement. People are saying he's been more engaged in this one than any Ryder Cup ever?
STEVE STRICKER: By far, and that shows a lot, too, to all the players involved. He's been up late at nights and early in the mornings trying to figure things out and coming up with ideas, as we all are, but it means a lot to him, too, I know, to be part of this winning side and get things going hopefully in the right direction for many years to come.

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