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October 2, 2016

Austin Dillon

Dover, Delaware

THE MODERATOR: We're going to get started with the post‑race media availabilities for today's Citizen's Soldier 400 here at Dover International Speedway. We are joined by Austin Dillon, the driver of the No.3 AAA Chevrolet, who finished eighth in the race today but secured the 12th spot in the Round of 12, moving on in the Chase. Austin, why don't you talk about what that means for you.
AUSTIN DILLON: Well, just everything for our team out of Welcome, North Carolina. First off, give all the glory to God because, man, the race played into our favor. We did have a fast race car, I'm proud of that. I'm proud to be moving on to the Round of 12 where I have some really solid tracks, one being Talladega where we were able to finish third earlier this year.
Just to proud of this AAA team. We didn't panic. I had a lot of people telling me not to worry. We didn't have a good practice, and we had a fast race car today, a really fast race car.

Q. Can you talk about as the race went on, were you aware of where you were standing in the points? Was that a part of the conversation as you were clicking off the laps?
AUSTIN DILLON: Never heard anything about the points until 10 to go, and they said I was 11 to the good, and that was about it. Didn't want to listen to it, really. I knew what we had to do.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks for joining us, and welcome to the next round.

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