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October 2, 2016

Zach Johnson

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

ZACH JOHNSON: Not at all. I felt terrible when I woke up this morning.

Q. You felt sick?
ZACH JOHNSON: You can kind of hear it. Maybe a little bit of yelling in there.

You know what, I'm on cloud nine right now. I feel terrific. This was a team effort all the way through. As I've said a couple of times, regardless of what the scoreboard said, regardless of where the matches were, we kept fighting. This team was a team. There was no I. It was all we. As we've said, 12 strong.

And I'm so happy for Davis, I'm so happy for our vice captains. I think the grace and humility that Bubba showed to want to be a part of this even though he didn't make the team as a player speaks volumes. That was just a domino effect starting the beginning of the week. It's so special.

Q. Can you measure the hurt that you felt in the past against the joy that you feel right now? Which is heavier?
ZACH JOHNSON: This is way heavier, way, way heavier. It complete joy. Like I said, I didn't feel great this morning but I had a peace today. I went out there and played free golf and had some great scripture I recited and just played.

Played a great kid, that Fitzpatrick boy. Man oh man, the bad thing is he's young for the American team, the good thing for Europe is he's young he's because he's good.

The previous losses weighed heavy too. If anything, it's added motivation. You have got to turn those negatives into positives. This is a positive. I hope this is just the beginning.

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