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October 2, 2016

Patrick Reed

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. A ton of emotions going back and forth on the front side in this match. How were you able to harness that energy and perform at such a high level?
PATRICK REED: I think it's the fans. It's the first time I've ever played in a home crowd. To have these guys do what they did, to have the team come together and when we're down having these crowds picking us up, cheering our names. It gets you going and keeps you going. If you hit a bad shot, they pick you up so you can get out of it. If you hit a good shot, it just builds more momentum over the putts.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about some animosity coming from the crowd towards the European players. But there was an excellent exchange, between you and Rory after the 8th green, the two of you first pumping together. When you see something like that between the competitors, does that prove to the fans that inside the ropes everything is completely great?
PATRICK REED: Really, when I look at it, yeah, we're playing the Europeans, but at the same time we play golf with these guys every single week. To be a part of the Ryder Cup, I don't look at it as just the Ryder Cup family and the U.S. team. I consider everybody in the Ryder Cup, whether it's European side, captains, vice captains, U.S. side. It's a big Ryder Cup family. We want everyone to play well. We want to beat them at their best, they want to beat us at our best.

I knew today was going to be tough going against a guy like Rory, especially with how he was playing earlier this week. To come out and play as well as we did, especially on that front nine, it was definitely something fun to be a part of and pretty sure fun to watch.

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