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August 25, 2001

Mike Shea


MIKE SHEA: Phil Mickelson evidently hit his tee shot to the left at 16 and he did not have his own identification marked on the ball. But the Blimp had a very good picture of the shot from -- television shot and was able to follow the ball, saw it hit on the ground and had a picture of the ball on the ground and exactly where it was. And one of our rules officials also verified that from the shot from the Blimp, and we took the position that that was his ball and so we allowed him to play. Now during the process of that, Phil mentioned -- we had asked if he had identification mark on the ball and he said he didn't; he had lifted the ball already. Part of the Rules of Golf, Rule 12, deals with identifying the ball, and before a player lifts his ball to identify it, he must announce that fact it his fellow competitor. And unfortunately in this situation, Phil did not make that announcement to Jim. Jim was a fairly long way away, but that entails a one-stroke penalty for not doing so.

Q. Is it the players's responsibility to play the proper ball?


Q. Has television been used in this regard before?

MIKE SHEA: I would say it's a pretty unique situation where you are able to actually use technology to help you do it. I'm not saying it's the exact first time, but it doesn't happen that often.

Q. Television replays hurt the player; this time it helped the player?

MIKE SHEA: It did help the player, right.

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