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October 1, 2016

Di Wu

Beijing, China


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese, please.

Q. Today you didn't have your coach. Last time your coach was with you.
WU DI: From Chengdu, we thought the foreign coach will be with me. But because of the visa approval process, she could not make it in Chengdu and Beijing with me this time. So it's quite hard for me. Several days later she will be with me in Shanghai, my foreign coach.

Q. Would you like to improve your second serve in the future? Right now is it the weak point?
WU DI: Sure. I'm disappointed with my serve. I just came to Beijing yesterday. I felt fatigued today. I had a slow start. My opponent was very great. He took the advantage of my weak serves.

My low first-serve percentage, he put a lot of pressure on my second serve. He was very smart. He knew my weak points during my serve.

I also would like to improve my forehand.

Q. You performed well at the beginning of this year. Many people have a lot of expectations of you. You still expected to do well. In China, you performed very well in the challenger competitions. You need to win matches to move higher in the rankings. I don't know what went wrong after the challengers.
WU DI: In the very beginning of this year it went very well for me. I made it into the Australian Open and other important tournaments. At the beginning of the year, my ranking was very high.

Maybe after the first months this year, my level of play is declining to some degree. Right now my ranking has slipped to 180 or 190. I need to figure out my strengths and weaknesses.

Q. At the beginning you performed well, then there were some ups and downs. In Chengdu you performed well, too. In the past you were so close to winning those tournaments. What do you need to improve to win those tournaments?
WU DI: Of course I can play one good match and also I can play 10 matches badly. So the key is to keep consistency in the matches. When I play a good point, I need to improve the following three to four points. I need to keep my level of play to be more consistent. Last week, two days ago actually, I got the ATP first title. I felt so relieved.

Q. There are so many competitions in China. Right now you are the frontrunner. Do you feel the Chinese people lay more expectations on you? You can get more wild cards for those tournaments.
WU DI: Of course, I feel the pressure in China. Right now I can often get the wild cards and feel the pressure.

But we need to rise up to the challenges, to make breakthroughs. We must try to win the tournaments. We received a lot of support from the Chinese fans, so we would like to try our best to win more.

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