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October 1, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Justin Rose

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. Patrick Reed, that was some opponent in that match.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, he played phenomenal. It was pretty even there, and then on 5 onwards, he went on a birdie train and I think they were 7-under through eight. I guess that's why we were 3-down at the turn.

We got a good run on 12, 13, got a couple back and he just kept on making birdies. Yeah, it was a close call here on 17, birdie putt just missed there. It would have been fun coming up the last.

Q. Give us an idea of what it's like playing in this cauldron that has been generated at Hazeltine.
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm going to skip that question I think. Obviously it was loud; it was fun. 90 percent of it is fun, and I'll just leave it at that.

They were unbelievable today. Patrick was inspired. I mean, he was intense. Just every time he had a wedge in his hand, he punished us, he got it up-and-down. It was incredible to watch. I think he was probably 10-under on his own ball. I think he beat us single-handed today. It was pretty amazing.

Q. Got to ask you about the chip just there, chipping in to keep the match alive.
HENRIK STENSON: It was a good time to do that. Again, I hit a monster drive up on 16 and Patrick just hit a fabulous second shot. It wasn't just his wedges; his irons or rescue or whatever he was hitting there, middle of the green. I knew I needed to make an eagle to keep it going and managed to chip it in at the right time.

Q. You've been in team rooms before. What's it going to be like tonight? Are Europe going to try and turn this one around?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's been up and down and up and down all week. There's been waves of momentum. It's our turn tomorrow. We're going to come out strong. That's what we do and give it 100 percent tomorrow.

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