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October 1, 2016

Patrick Reed

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. That was a stunning performance from you. I mean, I know it's a team effort, but you carried them there?
PATRICK REED: Thanks. It was a lot easier to make some of those putts and hit those shots because I have a teammate that has a short putt for par or has a chance, to where I can be more aggressive.

Just one of those days that I knew that I felt great this morning and he felt great this morning. We've been playing some really great golf. We felt like we let that slip away, even though it came down to the end.

Rafa and Sergio played such good golf. What a way to do it and come out and tear up the golf course this afternoon.

Q. Was it inspiring or was it tough to come back from the disappointment of having been 4-up in the morning and not secured the point?
PATRICK REED: It's hard because we played so well this morning and to lose the holes that we did in the afternoon, in the morning down the stretch we lost them with birdies. It's not like we were making bogeys to lose holes. Not like we were giving holes away.

For them to play as well as they did, I knew we had to come in today and fire on all cylinders. We killed it yesterday afternoon against those guys and we didn't even have a chance. We knew we had to make birdies and once we started to make a couple, the flood gates were open.

Q. The eagle on 6, what a sensational shot. Just give us an idea of the impact that had on the match.
PATRICK REED: That was huge. We felt like we had two good shots. Henrick made a putt outside of us and we both missed. We're sitting there like, All right.

I hit a perfect drive and they both snap hook it left. We're thinking, all right, if we have two looks here, we're going to be in the driver's seat. Next thing you know Henrick, from the trees, makes another birdie. Throughout that stretch we're thinking we're playing good, but this is what happened earlier. We were playing well and they were playing well and we weren't getting anything out of it.

I'm in the bunker and I look at Jordan and I say, What do you want me to do here? He goes you can hit it over the bunkers. I hit it to a perfect yardage and knocked it in and just went nuts.

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