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October 1, 2016

Darren Clarke

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. Dramatic day, ebb and flow of The Ryder Cup, what are your emotions?
DARREN CLARKE: Obviously disappointed with this afternoon's result. We hung in there this morning, got back close again and we had a few chances there. The American guys played very well. That's the nature of The Ryder Cup. That's what happens.

Q. Does it feel like that? It's been session to session, dramatic stuff, but both captains have been very gracious from both sides, stepped up to the plate when they needed to?
DARREN CLARKE: Definitely. We had a little momentum and tomorrow we're going to have to work hard and play very, very well tomorrow. It's been done before from a worse position. We have a big task ahead of us but the guys are capable of doing it.

Q. What will be your message and motivational talk this evening?
DARREN CLARKE: Just this belief, same as what we've done all week. Believe in ourselves and go out and play. As I say, teams have come back from further behind and the guys will go out there and do their best tomorrow.

Q. Tough day for Lee; tough day for you watching?
DARREN CLARKE: There was a few chances both sides, and this morning, we holed the putts and this afternoon, we missed the putts and that's the way it goes.

Q. Your thoughts on the singles?
DARREN CLARKE: I don't know. I'll let you know when I go in there and decide.

Q. We've seen some unbelievable golf from both teams.
DARREN CLARKE: It's ebbs and flows as we talked about earlier, and the momentum, carried on from last evening we brought out this morning. The Americans, they did what we did this morning -- they holed more putts than we did and that's what happened in Ryder Cup.

Q. Is there a sense of deflation the way things have gone this afternoon?
DARREN CLARKE: Certainly we were hoping for a lot better but Ryder Cup teams have come back from further fine. The guys will be disappointed that they didn't do a little bit better this afternoon but you know, it's not over yet.

Q. The mountain is not as high as the one that was faced at Medinah; how do you pick up your team and what will the message be this evening?
DARREN CLARKE: With the team that's here this week, I don't need to pick them up. They will know and understand they have a big challenge ahead of them tomorrow but I'm sure they will be up for it. I won't have to do too much to lift them up tonight.

Q. This is a big, physical golf course and a big, physical test. I think five guys are going to play all five matches. How confident are you that that is going to be fine?
DARREN CLARKE: I checked with everybody to see if they were fine that they could play five and they all came back to me and said yes. If they would have said no, I would have concern, but all the guys said yes, so they will go out and do their best tomorrow.

Q. How do you feel at the end of the day? A little deflated the way the afternoon turned out?
DARREN CLARKE: I wouldn't say deflated. I would say a little more disappointed. This morning we putted better and this afternoon the Americans putted a little bit better. The Ryder Cup that's what happened. You've got to hole the putts when you have a chance and the American guys, they did that this afternoon.

Q. Some of your players have been brilliant and some have been below par, the bigger names. How do you lift those players for tomorrow to win points in the singles?
DARREN CLARKE: First and foremost, teams have overcome bigger deficits. There's that, and the guys, they won't need me to lift them up. They will be keen to go out and play well tomorrow.

Q. I suppose you'll look at what happened at Medinah?
DARREN CLARKE: Well, you know, that's unfair, because it's going against Davis, but there's other scenarios where teams have come back in the past. But you know, certainly that team has the talent to do what's asked of them tomorrow.

Q. I must ask you about the atmosphere today. Was some of it over the top in your opinion? Rory McIlroy had a confrontation with a fan at one hole?
DARREN CLARKE: It's just The Ryder Cup and people are exuberant and enjoying themselves. It's just part of the whole Ryder Cup thing. I'm sure that everybody will do their best to deal with it and people just seemed to enjoy themselves a little bit too much at times.

Q. I suppose it's between you and the vice captains now to come up with a batting order, so to speak, tomorrow?
DARREN CLARKE: We'll go in and take a look at our options and try to figure something out and see where we go from there.

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