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October 1, 2016

Justin Rose

Chris Wood

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

CHRIS WOOD: When you know you're playing with a guy like this next to you, there's nothing to be worried about. Such a solid guy to have alongside me.

JUSTIN ROSE: Just playing with Chris today, honestly, he was amazing. Captain said to me, "How is he doing," walking to the 16th yesterday; incredible. His touch on the greens is amazing. I have so much faith out there, such a cool feeling, and I'll play with him any time, any place.

Q. Tell us about your emotions coming down the stretch.
CHRIS WOOD: Every single shot you hit, there's so much pressure on it. I don't think we dropped a shot today, and one at the last, it's great golf, foursomes. When you've got those 20-footers, they are easy on paper but when there's so much on it, you know, they take a lot of hitting -- nice to get a point on the board.

Q. Thoughts on going out this afternoon with Jordan and Reed again?
JUSTIN ROSE: Fantastic. Obviously with those two, you expect a tough match. Henrik and I were going to have to be sharp as ever, and I guess lunchtime is going to be really important to freshen up. They are going to be tired. We're going to be tired. It's going to be who is mentally strongest this afternoon.

Q. Getting to play with a Major Champion and Gold Medalist, had to be a lot of fun?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it was. Rosey, Olympic Champion and U.S. Open, but he's the perfect partner for me. Couldn't have picked a better partner myself. So pleased to get a point on the board in my first stint in The Ryder Cup.

Q. The blood started flowing a little bit coming down at the end there.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously 3-up just shows you, you're feeling comfortable at 3-up and we had a putt on 14 that we were inside them at 14, and thought, maybe we get 4-up with four to play. And Jimmy rolls it in, Chris hit a great putt that didn't go in, and then it's squeaky bum time so to speak coming down the stretch.

It's tense, there's no doubt about it. When it's 3-up and it gets back to one and you're playing 18, you know exactly what they are thinking and you know what we are thinking, we don't want to give it away.

Q. The last hole, you both drove it right. Did you know from the practice rounds you would have a shot over there for sure, pretty clean one?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, obviously you're trying to hit the fairway but we know that's the side to miss. Wind off the right off that tee is easy to maybe just turn one slightly down the traps. We know we needed to hit the heart of the green like Rosey did and anything to get it done really.

Q. Does The Ryder Cup match the intensity of coming down the last up couple holes for the Gold Medal?
JUSTIN ROSE: Ryder Cup is intense. You can't explain it. It was patriotic in Rio but this is intense. It was more jovial, playful, fun in Rio and this is kind of, people are pretty serious about this stuff.

Q. Your debut in The Ryder Cup, was it worth the wait?
CHRIS WOOD: Absolutely. You know, you start off your first match in The Ryder Cup, obviously you want to get the point on the board, and it was a long day for me yesterday but Clarkey did what he had to do for the team, which is great. I was out supporting the guys yesterday afternoon and we had a great come back in the afternoon.

So to come out early this morning and get a point on the board with Justin is just awesome.

Q. And I know you took him under your wing, he certainly played very, very well out there. But just shows you, 3-up through 13, how twitchy were those closing holes?
JUSTIN ROSE: Firstly, my wings aren't big enough to carry this player, and certainly secondly, there was no need to. He was absolutely class today. Stepped up from the word go. I had so much faith in him all day which made my job really easy. I could just focus on my game and didn't have to worry about his game. When you're 3-up, you're comfortable. You're almost beginning to think, when can we close this out, nice to get in and have a bit of lunch. Then it gets back to 1 and they have got a pep in their step, obviously a half-point for them is more than a half-point; that is a psychological advantage if they get something out of the match so it was really important for us to close it out.

You could see the balance of the day, looked like 2-2, provided Chris and I won. And obviously the boys had an incredible come back against Patrick and Jordan, so could turn it around into a really fun day here.

Q. Describe the team room last night and the momentum that these guys produced late yesterday.
CHRIS WOOD: It was huge. As soon as everyone finished, we were in the team room here at the course, and the spirit is just there with the Europeans. It's so natural for us. We all come together and the team room was buzzing last night. It was great.

Q. You and Henrik about to be reunited again against Jordan and Patrick.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, Jordan said something to my caddie, Fooch, he said, "If you want to play, we'll be out this afternoon if you fancy a game." Obviously the captain fancied it for us. Do we play No. 4 match? Extra time for lunch.

Yeah, I'm excited. Henrik and I, time to freshen up. Patrick and Jordan are going to be tired. Playing four is not easy in two days, and it's going to be a battle of the minds I guess.

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