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September 30, 2016

Anthony Sorentino

Birmingham, Alabama

Q. Obviously didn't have the week that you were hoping for but it's a team championship and you were part of a USGA championship squad.
ANTHONY SORENTINO: I can handle it now. I was really worried that if we ended up in a tie that I was going to cost my team the trophy. So I was really worried out there.
I made a couple birdies early. Making the turn early on the back I was trying to grind it out in case something happened.
I ended up just playing lousy, so...

Q. You've had a lot of success at the state level. What does it mean to you to come back to Michigan with a title?
ANTHONY SORENTINO: I mean, it's awesome. I was more of a spectator slash ‑‑ I was a spectator essentially, so...
But, you know, I tried hard. It is what it is.

Q. What do you guys talk about after each round? Did you talk about core strategy, what you guys were going to do?
ANTHONY SORENTINO: Not really. Evan (indiscernible) he hits it farther. Tom and I hit it about the same, and we golf together enough.
But we just said last night at dinner, We can win it. We're 4 back. It is what it is and we can win, so...

Q. Were you guys more aggressive today? Was there a certain approach you all took?
ANTHONY SORENTINO: You know, I tried to be out of the gate because I figured I had done nothing all week. So if I could like post something, at least make the guys feel better about how I was playing.
Didn't work out that way so really didn't matter. Right out of the gate I was hitting driver, whatever I was going to hit, but they just played so well. Thank God.

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