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September 30, 2016

Henrik Stenson

Justin Rose

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. After what happened this morning, how sweet to turn that around, knowing the importance of that point.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, absolutely. I had a little moment in the second fairway where they birdied the first, they both hit it close on the second, and I'm like, these guys are going to be tough to beat and they certainly are tough to beat.

But Henrik and I did what we do best. We just stuck with it, trusted our games, trusted ourselves and we got on a run. We dovetailed beautifully, made a bunch of birdies and I relied on my partner again and he delivered, which was great.

HENRIK STENSON: We played nicely this morning. We just didn't make any putts. To go out and play the same pairing again; they got off to a hot start and birdied three first holes straight out of the blocks and I managed to sneak one to tie on the second, and Justin made a good birdie on 3 when Patrick made a good putt.

So they don't give much for free, but we were playing very nicely in the afternoon, made a couple putts that we didn't do in the morning. And seemed like they got possibly a little bit tired toward the end as well and we weren't, so it was all good.

Q. This afternoon, inspired play.
HENRIK STENSON: We were pretty pleased with the way we played this morning and couldn't make too many putts and that's why we lost. We were happy with our play and went out and played pretty solid this afternoon and made some putts that were lacking in the morning and we managed to get that point back.

Q. You said this morning you played really well; you just didn't get the reward from it. What turned around in the afternoon?
JUSTIN ROSE: Like Henrik said, it was mainly the putting. I still really haven't had my fair share yet which I'm excited about, reminds me a bit of Medinah. I struggled at Medinah for the first day or two, and began to hole some when it counted, so hopefully I'll have a similar week.

Henrik did a brilliant job, middle of the front nine, he put three birdies together on 6, 7 and 8, and that really kind of got us from behind to in front, and from that point on we didn't really look back.

Q. On 6, 7, 8, you really turned it on, didn't you.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I hit a nice putt on 6, good wedge on 7 and beautiful shot on 8, almost holed it. Going to watch the replay on that one tonight.

Q. What changed this afternoon and how did you make it happen?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, we played well in the morning, just couldn't make the putts. In the afternoon we continued playing solid I think and made a few more putts and yeah, we got on a good run and never really looked back from there.

Q. From the sixth, three birdies in a row, that made the difference and put you 2-up at that point. Can you describe the level he was playing at, early on, particularly?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think from my point of view, I was scratching around for birdies, and Henrik was doing it in his flashy fashion. When he gets going with the irons, he's a joy to watch and no one it's had better than him with irons. Hit a couple majestic shots and a couple of key putts on the front nine.

Obviously that's where we got some momentum and we never looked back. It was a good performance I felt both of us for a couple of old guys we finished really strong today. We kept hitting good shots and very proud of that.

Q. After a redwash, they are calling it this morning, how do you rate the response because it looks like it could be 5-3 overnight.
HENRIK STENSON: Obviously we would be very pleased if we could go to bed at 5-3, given the morning session. It wasn't at all what we wanted but those things happen. You can just look at how we came back in the afternoon, and hopefully we can get three points back in the afternoon.

Q. Talk about taking control of the match.
JUSTIN ROSE: The response to this morning has been fantastic by the boys. We're a team that stands shoulder-to-shoulder there's a lot of pride in the badge and it's great to see them respond like that.

Our match personally, I did have a moment when the boys came out, the American boys birdied the first three holes, I kind of had this feeling that they were going to be awfully tough today but Henrik and I finally got into our rhythm. He's such an incredible iron player, started stuffing a few on the nine, and we just dovetailed really beautifully.

Q. You took control of the match with three straight birdies in the midportion of the golf course.
HENRIK STENSON: It was nice to get going there. As we said, early on, in the first four five holes, we had to fight hard, and we made some good birdies to stay in contention there with them when they got off to a good start again.

Like Justin said, you've just got to try and keep up then and managed to turn it around, made a few good putts, hit a couple of nice iron shots. I guess around 9 and 10, could have even made another birdie or two there. But from there on, we just kept the pressure all the way till the end.

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