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September 30, 2016

Lee Westwood

Thomas Pieters

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. Tough one this morning, and Lee, you've played in plenty of these, if you get behind in foursomes, it's really difficult, isn't it?
LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I'll take responsibility for that. I played poorly today and Thomas played well. He's got into The Ryder Cup really well, and he showed some balls out there and made some putts when we needed to.

Q. How was the match for you? How was the experience? Were you nervous at the start?
THOMAS PIETERS: Not really. But, as Lee said, when you get down, and any time we made a putt, they made it on top of us. It was just hard to get some momentum this morning.

Q. You got a look at the ninth when Matt Kuchar missed a short one, 4-down at the 10th; did you have a feeling you might be able to turn things around?
LEE WESTWOOD: Well, you're just trying to put a bit of pressure on, do something and see what happens with them. You don't want to be giving holes away, which I hit a couple of wild drives early on and missed a short putt on 2. And giving holes away, you can't afford to do that in foursomes, because it's a tough game to play anyway and you need the momentum.

Q. You're clearly frustrated with the defeat and your form, but you've played in so many of these things, you know it can turn around.
LEE WESTWOOD: Oh, yeah, this is only the first morning. Anything can happen in The Ryder Cup. It's freaky like that. You just need a bit of momentum to go your way.

Q. Thomas, are you ready to play more? I know you won't have enjoyed being beaten, but in terms of your golf and your experience, are you ready to go out again?
THOMAS PIETERS: Yeah, just want to win a match.

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