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September 30, 2016

Sergio Garcia

Martin Kaymer

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. Tough game out there.
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Yeah, we obviously didn't play great. We had a couple chances to go 2-up. Unfortunately didn't make them and then they got on a great roll, started making birdies coming in.

You know, it's the way match play is. When you have those chances, you've got to take them. If you go 2-up, maybe it's a different game, but unfortunately we didn't and they did.

MARTIN KAYMER: We had our chance on the front nine. I hit a couple putts I left short, I should have at least gotten to the hole. And on the back nine, they got on a roll. They started with a great birdie on the par 3 and then we couldn't really make the putts in the end.

Yeah, of course we are disappointed, but there is still an afternoon coming, so hopefully we can make up some points then.

Q. You led for so long by one, you were holding it together there, just tell us with the chances that you didn't take really around the turn, 10 and 11 to try and kill the match off; is that really where you started to let it slip?
SERGIO GARC√ćA: I wouldn't say kill the match. Obviously it would have been nice to go 2-up. Left it in the middle just short on 10.

And then on 11, I hit a great putt and we thought if anything, it might go a little left and it moved right on us and just burned the edge on the right. That's usually what happens.

When you let that momentum get away and then obviously got on a good roll, they made three birdies in the last four and a couple really nice birdies. It is what it is, and we're going to go out there this afternoon and get some points on the board. It's still early days.

Q. It's been a difficult morning for Europe. Tell us about how your team will regroup this afternoon and the attitude you'll show coming out this afternoon?
MARTIN KAYMER: We all know about what happened in the past. It doesn't really matter how far you are behind. It's just the first part of The Ryder Cup, and obviously we didn't do well in the morning but we still have an afternoon. We've got to get somehow the momentum into tomorrow.

It's a different game we play in the afternoon and I think we are all ready. We are fired up. We want to keep that trophy and bring it home to Europe. Nothing is lost. We are motivated because we have a good team.

Q. You've played in a lot of teams, you're eighth team as a player. Can you describe what it's like playing in front of these enormous galleries?
SERGIO GARC√ćA: Massive crowds. Obviously they are very excited. They should be. But you know, it's our job to hopefully quiet them down a little bit and see if we can do that this afternoon.

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