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September 30, 2016

Justin Rose

Henrik Stenson

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Q. That was some display from the Americans.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously I think it was a tight match. There wasn't much in the match tee-to-green. They made a few putts. We couldn't buy one. We had a feeling that we would run into our run but it just never really happened.

Q. It was just on the greens, wasn't it, the number of putts. That was almost symptomatic of what we just witnessed on this green?
JUSTIN ROSE: Henrik and I were just discussing it and if you look over, you can see every hole is almost cut in a little hollow, so a lot of double-breaking putts today, which obviously are tough to read and your speed needs to be spot on. I think on the front nine, we hit a few good putts that just kind of didn't go and obviously that was the momentum really.

Q. Thoughts for this afternoon, would you expect to be again with Henrik?
JUSTIN ROSE: What are the pairings? I'm not even sure they are in yet. What time do they go in? Jordan just told me he would see me this afternoon (laughter).

HENRIK STENSON: I think we played well. I mean, obviously Jordan and Patrick, they made a few more putts and they got the momentum early. They hit it a little bit closer and made a couple of putts. Got up on us early. But then Patrick makes an important par putt for them on 10. We just won 9 and they were in a bit of trouble on 10. It was one of those days where we needed to make one or two putts, and we didn't, and that's why they kept ahead and that's why they are winning.

Q. Tough match. Give us your thoughts.
HENRIK STENSON: The American Team played very solid. They got off to a good start. They hit it close on 2 and 3 and birdied that one and we couldn't match that and we were down from the beginning, and we kept on playing nicely. Hit some good shots.

Possibly didn't get it quite as close as we wanted to and hit a lot of decent putts and nothing really went in. To come back from 2-down early, you're going to make a few and we didn't, and I guess that pretty much sums it up.

JUSTIN ROSE: Henrik and I played really well today tee-to-green. In foursomes we only made one mistake out there, one bogey, and we just didn't capitalize on the putts. As simple as that. We didn't miss a shot all day particularly but yeah, like I said, couldn't buy the putts today.

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