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September 28, 2016

Matthew Fitzpatrick

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

JOHN DEVER: Good morning again from the 41st Ryder Cup. Pleased to be joined by Matt Fitzpatrick, 22 years young, youngest player on any team. Is that something that you will be thinking about?

MATT FITZPATRICK: No, I won't be thinking about it. I know I'm the youngest, but, no, like I say, it doesn't enter my mind. It's just a number. I've already had a few comments about my age already this week, but I'm used to it.

JOHN DEVER: Hazeltine National, what are your impressions of what you've seen out there so far, the weather, the length, the golf course?

MATT FITZPATRICK: I've been here since Monday, so it's been pretty windy so far. Feels pretty windy out there again today. I don't know what the forecast is for the rest of the week, but it's in great shape. I've heard they have had some terrible weather here, but, yeah, the greens are fantastic.

Although I wasn't there, I remember watching it on TV, it reminds me a lot of Medinah, the way it's set out, the cuts of the fairway and stuff. I think it will be -- it's a great golf course to play and we enjoyed playing it yesterday.

Q. Just under two years ago, you were battling to get through Q-School, and now you're sitting on the stage here in front of the world's press. Tell us about that journey a little bit, and how different a golfer or even a person are you now than you were back then, and how you're able to cope with this?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I think I'm just a different golfer. My plan was always to get here eventually. Just a matter of time. It's just happened a lot sooner than I thought it would, I've got to admit. But yeah, it's just exciting to be here and I'm really looking forward to the week.

Q. Based on your time here so far, what's been the most magical thing, if you like? What have you enjoyed most so far of the week?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I think just getting to spend time with the rest of the team for me. I've watched all the guys two years ago and four years ago playing The Ryder Cup, and these are the guys that I've looked up to since I was young pretty much, to sort of looking for autographs when I've been to tournaments as a fan, and now I'm playing in the same team with them. For me, it's pretty cool to be doing that.

Q. You've played in British Opens, U.S. Amateurs, British Amateurs, what's the most nervous you've ever been on the golf course and how do you think that's going to compare to Thursday on the first tee?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I don't think anything can compare to Friday, I've got to admit, from what I've been told, anyway.

I can't think of -- don't get me wrong, I have been nervous on golf courses, but I tend not to remember too many of the times I have been. But yeah, I think Friday will be exciting whether I'm playing or not. Yeah, it's going to be nervous to be on that first tee and see what it's all about.

Q. As you're the youngest, do you find you're the butt of jokes in the team room and is there a player that's particularly taken you under his wing or given you good advice already?
MATT FITZPATRICK: No, I'm not -- I get a few jokes, but nothing too bad. I mean, all the guys, I know them well enough to speak to. Obviously spend a lot of time with Martin Kaymer and I was lucky enough to have a drink with Rory on Monday night, on Sunday night even, after he had won, just at the hotel here. That was pretty cool for me.

But like I say, all the guys I know pretty well and I can speak to all them. Same goes for the vice captains and obviously the captain. So it's a nice position to be in for me.

Q. Whose autographs do you have?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I think everyone's on the team, yeah, I think so. Maybe not Woody or Sully or Willett (laughs).

Q. Where do you keep these autographs, and do you remember any particular memories that stand out of getting them from anyone in particular?
MATT FITZPATRICK: I mean, they are all at home. I know Sergio this year signed a golf ball for me when I played with him in Qatar. He was giving one out to a little kid and I was like, I'll have one of those if you've got one to spare (laughs).

Then I was lucky enough to play with Rory at the Masters in 2014, and he signed my yardage book, so that's a pretty special one. Same goes for Ian Poulter, actually.

Q. How critical for you is it to play on the first day, or will you be quite relaxed about coming into day two?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Obviously I've not experienced it before, so I won't really know whether it's important or not. I might play the first day and then not play well after that or vice versa.

Obviously I'd love to play, but it's not about me; at the end of the day it's the team. I'd rather not play till Sunday if the team wins. That's the most important thing and that's what we're all here for. Whenever the captain says that you're in, I'll give 100% and we'll see what happens.

Q. You've obviously watched a lot of Ryder Cups on TV. What's the first one that you remember actually watching and sort of paying notice of, and did you attend any Ryder Cups as a fan when you were a kid or whatever?
MATT FITZPATRICK: The first one I really remember, I don't remember too many shots but obviously Darren at The K Club. Obviously I remember that. 2010 was probably the one that I really sort of remember everything.

But no, I've never been to one myself.

Q. Last night Paul O'Connell, what did you take from it and what was the impact of him speaking in the team room?
MATT FITZPATRICK: Just really inspirational. The big thing that I took out personally was talking about sort of own the moment and that was big for me. You've got turning points in the round of golf and you have to take advantage of it. If your opponent hits it -- misses the green and it's a tricky up-and-down, you've got to stick one in close and put the pressure on, and just holing the putts at the right time I think is important.

That's the big thing I took out from Paul is to own each moment that you get in front of you.

Q. There's been a lot of talk in the last couple of weeks about the fact that the European Team have got six rookies on the side. I just wonder if the six of you have got together or you've spoken to one or two of the other six rookies about the impact that it's going to have on your week this week.
MATT FITZPATRICK: No. I mean, I don't think we've -- we've not talked too much to each other about being rookies. It's just general chat. But I mean, I spoke to a lot of people before the event, and they are saying rookies nowadays aren't really rookies. One of the rookies on the team is the Masters Champion, so that's obviously the big thing.

I think, don't get me wrong, it's a completely different event, this, to anything normally, but I think everyone's had that experience in regular tournament play that's put them in good stead to maybe helping for this event.

But like I say, obviously, from what I've been told, nothing can compare to this. So I think we'll see come Friday how it all goes.

JOHN DEVER: He's Matt Fitzpatrick and we appreciate your time, sir. Have a fantastic week in Minnesota.

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