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September 26, 2016

Caroline Wozniacki

Wuhan, Hubei, China


6-3, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I know that you have a very busy schedule. Today it is your third Wuhan Open. Do you find any differences this time? The other question, we know that you are going to join a marathon in Wuhan. People are expecting you. After Tokyo, have you rescheduled your arrangements in Wuhan?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I'm happy to be here. I don't know really what's different this year since I just arrived last night. Pretty much straight on court.

Yeah, it was a good win today. I'll just keep going. I didn't think about pulling out or anything, I just wanted to play here.

And, no, I'm not going to run the Wuhan marathon. I'm good with just playing tennis and relaxing.

Q. A quick turnaround from Tokyo. How were you feeling on court today?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I felt surprisingly good on court today. I was expecting to be tired, maybe not have the right timing, since it's completely different conditions. But I played well and I was happy with getting a late match today. I got to sleep in, relax all day. Yeah, it was good.

Q. How is your leg? I saw it's still bandaged.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I feel it a little bit. But it felt pretty good in the match. Just getting treatment and strapping it up.

Q. What has your 24 hours looked like since Tokyo? Break it down, if you can.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: After the match, I got treatment, media, got a little bit of food. I had my bags packed already. Went straight from the site to the airport. Got on a plane, flew here. Drove to the hotel, ordered room service, slept. Woke up this morning, breakfast. Went back to sleep, lunch. Headed over here, warmed up, and yeah.

Q. What time did you get in last night?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I think we were at the hotel about maybe 9:30.

Q. Does it help at all that it is a non-stop schedule or would you love a day off here or there between the two?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I think a day off would have been nice. I played really well today. I guess as long as I just keep pounding and keep grinding, I'm going to take it. I'm on a roll, so hopefully I can keep pushing myself and play well.

Q. Is there anything you're doing in the last three weeks or so on court tactically or execution-wise that has been different than you've been able to do from before that's paying off on court?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: No. I think, honestly, it's just been about the progress. I think in practice I've been able to play this way for a little while. Obviously after the injury it takes a little while to get back into it. I felt like at least a month, month and a half, I started playing really well in practice. It was the right timing for me at the US Open that it kind of went my way there. Then Tokyo, obviously. Good first win today.

Q. We all know you have a big smile. In New York you said you walk on court and think of yourself as the favorite player. How can you always keep this positive energy?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: I think I'm generally just a positive person. There's a lot to be thankful for, playing the sport that you love, playing in front of a great crowd, it always fun. It makes it even better when you win. I enjoy what I do and I think that's really it.

Q. What is the discussion with your dad like after winning Tokyo? Is it, Oh, congratulations, good job, let's keep plugging away? What do you talk about before coming here?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: Yeah, it was just, Good job, well played, way to go. Very simple. Yeah, I think everything was so busy yesterday, too. We didn't really get to talk too much.

We had Aga and her coach on the plane. I talked to Aga, he talked to her coach. We just kind of talked about different stuff. That's really it.

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