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September 25, 2016

Saisai Zheng

Wuhan, Hubei, China


6-0, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese, please.

Q. You had troubles with your serve. It has been your weak point.
ZHENG SAISAI: The first set, my competitor played very well. She had a very strong serve and a high first-serve percentage. The first set troubled me.

I suffered a lot of pressure. Even her second serve is quite strong and challenging. So I had trouble.

I didn't want to suffer from the pressure, so that made the whole situation very messy. Recently I haven't had too much practice on my serve. I have been focusing on my speed, and that's why my second serve is not that strong.

In the second set, I had some opportunities. I could even win some games. My competitor wasn't as strong in the second set as she was in the first.

Q. At the US Open your performance impressed us. Do you think you suffer more pressure at the Wuhan Open?
ZHENG SAISAI: It's hard to put into words. Yes, we got wild cards. I think I suffered from my own expectations, no matter the location. Because my competitor was that strong, I felt it was hard to cope with her. Later, I adjusted my coping strategies. But her speed is still quite high, and that gave me trouble.

Q. You got the wild card for the Wuhan Open. It has the top players, very competitive. The first round is already strong. Do you think that gave you problems?
ZHENG SAISAI: Out of China, I played many competitive matches. I really want to perform well. I can't say I'm that nervous. It's hard to describe.

Q. Even against strong competitors, you performed well in Doha and in the US Open. Is that your character? Do you think there are areas you can improve?
ZHENG SAISAI: My performances have not been that stable. I can have some strong performances, then decline. I can say my mentality is not that unstable. Personally speaking, I am not that concerned about my matches. I've relaxed.

My schedule has made me exhausted.

Q. We can see your diligence. Is it rewarding?
ZHENG SAISAI: Definitely it is rewarding even if I suffered a very lot at the beginning of the match. But I still see the enthusiasm and encouragement from the audience till the end of the match.

Every time I come back to China, I feel very enthusiastic. But I really want to come back to China and play.

Today my competitor's performance was quite strong. I have to admit that. I had no way to cope with that strong performance.

Q. The crowd was enthusiastic about you. What do you think of Wuhan?
ZHENG SAISAI: It's a quite good city. Wuhan Open generally received very good reputation from all players. All players are praising the organization of the Wuhan Open this year. They received praise on their accommodation, travel arrangements. Fans come here to give encouragement to tennis players. It's good.

Q. You are quite popular online. Do you think you are a person that wants to share your personal life with the public and interaction with your fans?
ZHENG SAISAI: I know the public really wants to know the life of professional tennis players. They want to know our schedule. They want to know our activities outside of our daily exercise. I want to give the public a look. I want to be a window. I think the Internet is a good platform for allowing me to interact with my fans.

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