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September 25, 2016

Kevin Na

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. I'm here with the fastest guy on the course today, Kevin Na. You finished in 1 hour and 59 minutes. You were out there kind of running a little bit. What was it like to play by yourself and breeze through?
KEVIN NA: Well, it wasn't the plan at the beginning of the day, but I played pretty quick. I played well except one hole on the front nine. I made a triple and I shot 3 over. I made the turn in 1 hour and 3 minutes. I said, Well, I don't think I can get it under two, but let's try.

So I started running, and I birdied the last four holes running. Maybe I ought to run more often.

Q. Did you have that going through your head, when you made those four straight birdies, that you were on track? Or you're just kind of in a zone when you're running through it like that?
KEVIN NA: Well, I was trying. It wasn't like I was quick hitting it. I was running in between shots, but when it was my turn to hit, I read every putt from both sides, and I took my time.

I was trying to also shoot a good score because it doesn't matter how fast you play, if you put up like a 78 or an 80, it really doesn't do any good. And I really wanted to break par. Wanted to shoot something around par to break the record here.

Q. From now on, you want to play by yourself?
KEVIN NA: No, I like to play somebody, have somebody to talk to.

Q. Davis had it 2:10, 2:15 or something like that. Is that true?
THE MODERATOR: There are no official records.

KEVIN NA: I'll tell you what, nobody's going to break that record shooting even par or better. If you go ahead and quick hit it, yeah, you'll break it. To birdie the last four holes, that's pretty cool.

Q. Just the idea of playing by yourself here this weekend, how disheartening is that?
KEVIN NA: I was disappointed. It's a great event, obviously, 30 players. The top 30 are here. It's a special place. Unfortunately, Jason Day was injured, and when I saw that, I was a little bummed because -- you know, I like to play with some guys. Even though you're not playing well, it's nice to be here, and it's a treat.

But I made the best of it the last two days. Had a good time out there. I didn't play my best this week, but I had some fun.

Q. Running between shots at home, is that kind of the pace that you play when you're at home?
KEVIN NA: No, not really. I've got a cart. So maybe, yeah. But it's hard to run and then hit your next shot. It's not easy. This golf course has got a lot of tees that you've got to walk back to. It's a long golf course. I burned some calories today. I deserve some kind of dessert after dinner today.

Q. The volunteers, what were they doing?
KEVIN NA: I can't believe they were keeping up. First of all, my caddie is in the best shape, one of the best shaped caddies out there.

Q. Unlike that caddie.
KEVIN NA: Well, he was throwing me a club. But I was surprised. Both guys were pretty young kids, and our scorer was -- I was very surprised. He was in good shape. He ran the whole time. And they were the one actually telling me, Come on, let's go. Let's run. I was like all right. I didn't want to let them down.

Q. Are you a runner?
KEVIN NA: Not really. Not really. I'll run a mile on the treadmill. No, but I can run maybe three miles without stopping. That's not terrible for a golfer, 2 1/2 maybe, something like that.

Q. Were you running downhill or not running uphill?
KEVIN NA: Not as much. At the end, it didn't really matter because I was looking at the clock, and he was like, You've got X amount of minutes. You've got X amount of minutes.

Q. You know what Kenny said? All these years people thought Kevin was slow. It was the other guys.
KEVIN NA: Yeah, right.

Q. How much of today was trying to actually show people you have a little bit of a rep but you can play fast if you need to.
KEVIN NA: It wasn't about that. It was really just about having fun. I wanted to break par today and play well. Finish on a good note.

I know it wasn't my best week this week, but I'm a bit out of gas. It's been a long season. I had a lot going on with the baby. There was a lot going on at home. So I wasn't really able to rest as much as I wanted to, and that was probably the reason why I was out of gas this week and probably played poorly.

I'm looking forward to these next two weeks off, but it starts right back up again in Napa. But you know what, it's been a great season. I ended on a good note.

Q. How tired are you?
KEVIN NA: I feel okay. I'll go take a shower, have lunch. You know what the nice thing is? I get to fly home and see my baby girl.

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