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September 25, 2016

Cameron Smith

Columbus, Ohio

Q. You get your PGA TOUR card back, you had a chance to win today, didn't quite happen, what are your emotions right now?
CAMERON SMITH: I'm just happy that I'm heading back to the PGA TOUR, to be honest. That was, obviously, the goal through these four weeks and to get it done a week early is definitely a relief.

Q. You got a week or a year under your belt now on the PGA TOUR. What sort of things did you learn this year that will help you this coming year?
CAMERON SMITH: I think just to stay patient. I think that and just stick to your process and trust it. I got a little bit away from that this year and it definitely cost me. I had my coach over the first week of the finals here and we just got back to what we do and it seemed to work out.

Q. I know that you didn't probably finish the way you would have liked, you would have obviously liked to have forced a playoff, but a second place finish gets you back on the PGA TOUR. If you could, just kind of talk about what you're feeling right now.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I'm just happy that I'm over and done a week early for starters. I can kind of relax. But, no, it feels good to be back on the PGA TOUR.

Q. What were you thinking coming into this week after the first two finals events?
CAMERON SMITH: I didn't play that well last year or last week, sorry, and I just kind of got back to may process and just trusting it, really and comitting a hundred percent to every shot and I'll definitely take that into couple weeks' time.

Q. Then focusing on today's round, were you looking at leaderboards at all? Did you have an idea that were you in the led at one point and then tied?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I did, a little bit. The only thing that really cost me was I just had a really fast uphill putt on, what hole was that? 14. I sort of hit it eight foot by and that kind of cracked the momentum a little bit and it was hard to get back from there.

Q. You don't win the tournament, but you win anyway, you get your card. What does it mean to you exactly?
CAMERON SMITH: I played out there this year and they treat us like kings and all the things that come with it are amazing. I'm just really happy that I'm heading back.

Q. Did you find anything, find out anything about yourself this week as far as competing and getting what you want?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, like I said, I think that just comitting to every shot and trusting the process definitely helped this week. I putted really well this week for the first time in a long time. I hit the ball really good as well, so I can take a lot of things out of this week and sit down with my team after and we'll sort of go through it.

Q. Any improvement in your game this year that you were trying to improve upon?
CAMERON SMITH: Probably physical strength more than anything. I was sick during the middle of the year and I lost a ton of weight and just trying to get back to that I think is the key for the next step.

Q. Do you think people your average fan doesn't realize what you guys go through, because like it's not easy to get to the PGA TOUR.
CAMERON SMITH: No, it's not easy, it's definitely not easy at all. I worked hard at this for -- I'm only 23 -- I probably worked hard for seven or eight years already. It's been my dream and to get back on there is awesome.

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