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September 22, 2016

Bobby Wyatt

Columbus, Ohio

Q. Run me through the round. Probably pretty pleased with that start.
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, it was a solid start. This place is tough. It's a little softer, so you can make some birdies. Some of the pins were accessible because of the softness. I was able to take advantage of that a little bit on a few holes. Just really played solid.

Q. You ever played here before?
BOBBY WYATT: I have. A long time ago. I played Rolex I think like in 2007.

Q. How did you do?

Q. Run us through the big birdies and bogeys today.
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, started on 10, was able to birdie 12, 15 and 16. Then I had a string of pars. Had a few good saves there on 1 and 2 to kind of keep it going. Then I birdied 3 and --

Q. How close were those?
BOBBY WYATT: I hit it about 10 feet on 3 and I birdied the par-5 on 6. I made about a 30-footer there. Which was nice. And then, unfortunately, I 3-putted the 17th hole.

Q. What was working for you?
BOBBY WYATT: I hit it solid. I was putting myself in -- I a lot of birdie putts at it today and I was able to roll some of them in. It's a grind out there. It's going to be a test of patience the rest of the week.

Q. What's been kind of your impressions the first two events so far, your play and everything?
BOBBY WYATT: I'm trending, for sure. I feel like I was really physically playing well in the first week and I had a great first round and learned a lot that week. I didn't handle that pressure or excitement about the opportunity I had very well. But I was able to kind of take those few days before Boise started and regroup and physically didn't play as well in Boise, but I scrapped it around and had a solid finish. Then now I'm, I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

Q. So you got to feel pretty good though about you pretty much guaranteed yourself status for next year. At least on this TOUR. But it's kind of a house money situation.
BOBBY WYATT: Absolutely. I think everybody out here wants to be on the PGA TOUR, but that's certainly a good feeling. I'm halfway through these things, there's two more, and this one is only a quarter of the way through, so I just need to keep playing good golf and hopefully end up where I want to be.

Q. Did you have a change of driver this week?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, I switched shafts yesterday actually and I just didn't hit it great in Boise off the tee and Cleveland was kind of so-so with the driver. And it behaved today, so we'll see.

Q. What was the change? Anything significant?
BOBBY WYATT: I just switched I think the, I'm not very technical, but the guys were telling me that this shaft's a little stiffer in the tip, which helped me straighten it out.

Q. Any moment that turned your game around? You've been rolling since --
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, no, I just changed teachers about a year ago and I think that really put me headed in the right direction. I worked hard with him and I feel like I have a really consistent golf swing now and I was able to keep going. I think mentally my learning curve has been more mental than physical.

Q. There's a story going around that your caddie kind of pulled you aside and said you need to refocus. Is there any truth to that?
BOBBY WYATT: Yeah, Barry and I have a great working relationship. We were able to look at what happened in Cleveland and address some of the things that we didn't do well on the course, kind of hemorrhage some of the bleeding and things, you make a few bad shots or have a few bad breaks. And we definitely had a discussion about that and how we can work better out here.

Q. Is that a pretty normal if you have a good caddie/player relationship?
BOBBY WYATT: I'm still pretty new to this, but I certainly hope that I continue to have that relationship with Barry and anyone else. I think it's very important. And that's the guy you're going to battle with every day, you want to definitely be on the same page.

Q. You said it's so much mental, right?
BOBBY WYATT: Oh, for sure. It's important to stay consistent with your mindset and keep going, rather than ride the up-and-downs.

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