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September 22, 2016

Kevin Kisner

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. How does it feel to break par out here?
KEVIN KISNER: First time, right? I was nervous when I was 3 under on the last. I was trying not to make triple. It was a good day. I played way better than I did last year. I like these conditions when it's firm and fast, and I don't have to hit 4 irons and 3 irons on every hole.

Q. Going to ask you the big difference in a year.
KEVIN KISNER: I don't think the conditions were conditions for me to play well last year. The rough is brutal. When you're hitting drives out there, they're splatting. I remember hitting hybrid to the first hole every day last year, and had 160 yards to the hole today. That's a big difference.

Q. What was the most challenging thing out there?
KEVIN KISNER: Hitting it in the fairway. For me, I don't hit it long enough to hit it in the rough and get it on the green. So every tee, I'm praying for that short grass.

Q. No one controls the weather, but what do you think of the setup in terms of thickness of rough, whatever? It's perfect?
KEVIN KISNER: Today was the best I've seen them set the golf course up as far as playability. They moved some tees up, like 15 there. It's a great hole from that distance, 135 yards, 38 yards. I mean, Gary still hit it in the water. So it's not like it's a layup. I love the way they set it up.

The roughs, it's so brutal. You're back there with 220, you're not going to do anything.

Q. Is it too brutal? Does it need to be brutal?
KEVIN KISNER: No I think for the TOUR Championship it needs to be brutal. Major championship golf is what I would expect the setup to be.

Q. There's this competition within a competition within a competition here between TOUR Championship and FedExCup and now even the Ryder Cup competition. How are you handling all that, that nesting doll effect there?
KEVIN KISNER: I'm a pretty laid back dude. So it doesn't really affect me too much. I'm going to play however I play, and whatever happens happens is kind of my life. I'm in the process and not the results.

Q. Do you have an idea of the reputation of what is required to be the FedExCup champ?
KEVIN KISNER: Tom just told me I need to have Dustin finish 13th. So he needs to start making some bogeys.

Q. You said the other day you'd like to put your name in Davis' head with a good result here. Do you feel like with a start like this you can at least get on the radar screen?
KEVIN KISNER: Well, you know the old saying: It's not how you start, it's how you finish. We've got a long way to go to get to Sunday, but I need to be in that top three or four even to probably steer his head a little bit.

Q. What do you make of the flipping of the nines? What did it feel like?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, it was cool except I can't tell what hole I'm on the whole time. I like 18, how they've done that. They moved the tee up. I had 235 to the front today, which is a really cool hole. I didn't make birdie. That's kind of how that hole is supposed to play, in my opinion. They've got enough danger around the green that you've still got a good shot in there on your second shot.

Q. Were you invited to Hazeltine?
KEVIN KISNER: I was not.

Q. Were you offended by that?
KEVIN KISNER: Probably, yeah.

Q. Do you know why you weren't?
KEVIN KISNER: I have no idea.

Q. Have you asked him or anything?
KEVIN KISNER: I have not. I figure he'll call me when he needs me.

Q. You've gone to most of those meetings over the course of the year?

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