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September 21, 2016

Ellen Port

Nashville, Tennessee

Q. Congratulations.
ELLEN PORT: Thank you.

Q. Happy birthday.
ELLEN PORT: Yeah, thank you.

Q. Oh, it's your birthday?
ELLEN PORT: Yeah, 55. At the 55th senior women's I'm 55. I'll always remember how old I am. I'll say, What year is the senior now? 100th anniversary. (Laughter.)

Q. Nice birthday present?
ELLEN PORT: Yes, it is. It's nice to just, yeah, compete. It was a very good match and I'm fortunate to have won.

Q. Any key moments in the match where you felt like the momentum went your way, or just like one of those plodders?
ELLEN PORT: Oh, my Lord, we had some momentum swings. Really it was not going my way after Lisa birdied 11 and 12.

She is long. She is so long with the four Par-5s on the back. I don't want to think too much about what my playing partner is doing, but I haven't had too much luck birdieing out here, even when I'm close to the green.

Yeah, just one shot at time. Made a few mental mistakes, but when I had to hit some good shots I did.

Q. How did you close it out on 17?
ELLEN PORT: Well, I topped my drive basically almost, and then I hit it -- there are all kinds of ways. I've played that hole perfectly. I've learned that golf is not a game of perfect, so I just got a drive out there, had a longer shot than normal into it, and I hit the middle of the green pin high about 18 feet.

Lisa, the problem with being a long hitter, is she had to decide whether or go for it or not. She laid up and was then she just was about five yards short of hitting a perfect shot.

It was right on line and she hit it in the bunker. So she made an unforced error and I was fortunate to have my ball on the green.

Q. Two-putt par?
ELLEN PORT: Yes, two-putt par.

Q. Thoughts on playing Laura in the semis. You have history. 2009 you played and she beat you. I don't know if you played any other instances.
ELLEN PORT: Uh-huh. Haven't ever played, uh-uh.

Q. Just the one match?
ELLEN PORT: Uh-huh, yeah. Yeah, I got to go play good golf and see what happens.

Q. Do you do anything between the rounds other than just eat?
ELLEN PORT: No, just go eat.

Q. Just go eat?
ELLEN PORT: Yep. Get off my feet.

Q. Are your teammates texting you?
ELLEN PORT: Well they have been at night. They're in class right now I hope. I hope they're at the practice range. We came out with the third in the nation ranking I think, so my girls are rocking and rolling.

But rankings don't mean anything. You got to hit the shots. Rankings don't mean anything. Seeds don't mean anything.

Q. Nope. But you're the third seed. Some of the better seeds have made it through.
ELLEN PORT: Yeah, exciting.

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