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September 17, 2016

Marian Gaborik

Jaroslav Halak

Toronto, Ontario

Europe 3
USA ‑ 0

Q. Jaro, your first meaningful game back in six months; not a bad game. Talk a little bit about how it went, how you saw the puck, and how puck tracking was, and the defense you had working in front of you.
JAROSLAV HALAK: Well, I think that the guys did a really good job first period. We didn't give them too much, and if you look at the shot count after the first period, it was, I think, six something for Team U.S. It kind of got me into the game. And as the game went on, I was feeling more comfortable. I think even guys were making better plays, and it was just a 60‑minute effort. We talked about before the game that we need to put together 60 minutes, and we did.

Q. Marian, what did you see that you guys were able to do to somewhat neutralize the USA?
MARIAN GABORIK: Well, I think we did a good job coming out of from our zone. We stayed underneath the puck, and when they were pinching, we created odd man rushes, and we had chances on the rush like that. So that was very important, and I think we stayed put throughout all three zones and played that tight game. I think they tried to play physical, they tried to forecheck, and I think we did a good job breaking their forecheck and sustaining some rushes.

Q. They had a two‑on‑one I think right after it was 2‑0. Did you read that play pretty well with Kesler? Did you get a piece of that?
JAROSLAV HALAK: I don't know, I just tried to push as hard as I could, and the puck stayed out. I don't know if I got a piece of it. Probably not, but because the puck was bouncing away, like I said, I just tried to get a good push, and like I said, I don't think he got any of it.

Q. Jaro, from the outside, we can describe this win maybe as a surprise. Is it the same case in the room or did you believe it was possible from the start?
JAROSLAV HALAK: Well, if you look at our exhibition games, obviously the first two games, they didn't go as planned, and we all knew we had to get better and in what areas we had to improve. Playing Sweden the last exhibition game, it was a good test for us, and I think for the most part we did a good job. We stayed as a unit of five, and I think the key is staying most of the time, out of the box. Like I said, for the most part even tonight that's what we did, except at the end of the third period. I'm glad that we were able to kill all the penalties.

Q. Jaro, the NHL has plans to roll out some new restrictions on goaltenders' equipment. I wonder if you've had a chance to see the new pants or any of the new equipment and whether you've had a chance to field test here at this tournament.
JAROSLAV HALAK: No, I've seen them, I've tried them on, but I haven't had a chance to try them in practice. Once we get back to our teams, there will be pants waiting for each of us over here, and we have to get used to them quickly.
There's not that big of a difference I don't think, and I think mostly it'll be a chest protector in the upcoming season.

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