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September 16, 2016

Shanshan Feng

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. How was the weather? Talk about the conditions. How much did that change your game plan or affect today?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, the course played a little longer today, and we had some kind of pretty long holes, especially -- I think 4th and 5th were playing pretty long today. And for me, I actually started to feel a little bit tired on the back nine. I think it was because of the walk, and the ground is soft, so I was a little bit tired.

And then I made a couple bogeys in the start of the back nine, but then I talked to my caddie, I was like, let's finish strong, and then I made two birdies in the last three, so I'm happy about the score.

Q. Overall happy?

Q. So you don't feel tired anymore?
SHANSHAN FENG: Still tired, but I'm glad that actually I got finished in the morning, then I will have more time to rest, and I will be well-rested by the time I start tomorrow.

Q. Is this a certain logo, this design? Does it mean anything?
SHANSHAN FENG: This? It's the logo of the clothing company.

Q. What is the company?

Q. I haven't seen that shirt; is that new?
SHANSHAN FENG: I have. I know you only focus on the pants.

Q. Did you bring the cow print pants this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yes, I did. Maybe Sunday.

Q. Did people talk about your clothes in China a lot?
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually not. Not as much as over here. Over here everybody asks about it.

Q. Do you blend in in China more? Is that why don't they ask about it?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I think it's because I don't play as many tournaments in China, so they actually don't get to see me wearing the pants, yeah.

Q. You said the Olympics had given you confidence; are you feeling that this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, of course. I mean, I had three weeks off right after the Rio Olympics, and I only started practicing like last week. The green speeds were really slow. It was like 7½ back home. So actually before I came here, I was not sure. I was just like, oh, I don't know, I think the greens will be super fast here. I don't know if I can adjust before the tournament starts. But I think I did well. My ball-striking was always good, so I was more concerned about my putting.

But my putting has been pretty good for the first two days, yeah.

Q. We said earlier in the week you've played really well here at this event. Did you have a certain game plan coming in or was there anything you wanted to do or change coming into this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: Well, I mean, this golf course is -- I mean, there's no benefit for just long hitters, like the rough is really long and the greens are spotty -- not spotty, but they are like --

Q. Different in places?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, so you have to be really accurate on this golf course, so I think that's what I'm good at. My record so far is not bad here, and the first two days I've done well, so just keep doing the same thing.

Q. What do you think of Park's game? You played alongside her today and yesterday --
SHANSHAN FENG: Maybe tomorrow, too.

Q. Had you known her that much from -- she's obviously played in several LPGA events this year. Did you known her or have you played with her before this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: I played with her last year in Korea, yeah. I mean, she really surprised me because she looks really skinny, but she hits it really long, like as long as Lexi does. Today and yesterday, I was always the shortest and always like the first one to hit from the fairway. Yeah, I mean, and they are both young, so they make me feel like a little older, but I'm happy that I can still compete with them. I mean, we shot the same score. She's a very, very good player. She's long but accurate. That's really hard to do. And her putting is really good, also. She's a very strong player.

I did ask her, I said, are you going to come to the LPGA? She was like, um, I'm not decided, half and half.

Q. Well, that's a change because she was just saying sometime in the future.
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, like in the future. But she's good enough for sure.

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