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September 15, 2016

Shannon Johnson

Choudrant, Louisiana

Q. You fought your way back into it. How much energy did you use, and how did it feel?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I didn't start out the way I wanted to. I missed that one on 9, I said, now is the time. I love the back nine, and I knew as far as coming in I could definitely win some holes, so to get it back to even on 16 was pretty good, and I felt pretty good momentum at that point, but obviously she made an awesome birdie on 16 to take the 1-up and then just couldn't make that putt on 17.

Q. Can you just talk about the week as a whole? It's not often you see the top two seeds in these tournaments playing.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, absolutely. Just getting into match play -- it depends on who you're playing, how good of a day they're having. It's a really special thing, I think, to have the top 1 and 2 seed in the finals. Obviously a couple things had to go our way to get there.

Q. We have a couple people watching in Sioux Falls. Anything you want to say to those people watching back there?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, big shout out. I got tons of emails and phone calls from everyone at home. There's always next year, so hopefully we'll do some good things in the future.

Q. You talked about how you started to grab the momentum right at the turn there. When did it feel like it swung back and Julia grabbed it back?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I would say -- you know, obviously on 16 when she made that birdie. You know, I had a perfect gap wedge in and just didn't hit it very well. Putting wasn't super good today.

Q. Just the week, you obviously had a wonderful week, co-medalist, really rolling in match play early in the week. What led you to play so solidly this week? Was there any one thing that just kind of came together for you?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah. You know, I had pretty good tempo for most of the day today from the fairway. Just wasn't -- the putting was just awful. It's hard to recover when you do things like that.

Q. From 4-down to all square was a great comeback. Julia had -- it looked like you had advantage on a couple holes and she managed to either halve it or win the hole, and then it caught up with her and you were able to get from 4-down to all square. You were really probably feeling pretty good at that point.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I like the back nine. I knew par -- really pars anywhere on the back nine could possibly win you holes, and that's what I tried to do on those four holes in a row.

And then I mean, hats off to her. She made an awesome birdie on 16, and then obviously made an awesome chip on 17 to get up-and-down.

Q. And on 17, that putt, I think the pro was just saying it was a little right to left --
SHANNON JOHNSON: I just firmed it too hard. Just didn't have my putter at all today.

Q. We know from watching the golf on this course that there are no straight putts, so that's something you have to guard against all week, right?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, I putted pretty well all week. Yesterday afternoon kind of went south a little bit. But just tried to be confident over every putt. Donald Ross got me in the end.

Q. The other thing is that every day you get up, your swing is going to be a little different, your chipping game is going to be a little different, your putter is going to be a little different, and it's a game of adjustments, right?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, yeah, I can't be mad at all with how I hit the ball today. I mean, my driver was great for the most part. I hit pretty much every fairway that I can almost of except for one hole.

Q. You missed one on 10.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, exactly. So I mean, I put myself in the right spots. Unfortunately my putter was just -- it wasn't great.

Q. You had Megan on the bag this week. Talk about her a little bit. You guys are a good team?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I think so. It's good to have a great player right there, and unfortunately we just weren't reading the greens very well today. But I mean, she's an awesome person to have on the bag, and it's awesome that she took a week off of work and wanted to come out here.

Q. What's next for you?
SHANNON JOHNSON: A lot of work this fall, so probably no more golf this fall for me. We're pretty booked until the end of the year. That will be about it.

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