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September 14, 2002

John Senden


TODD BUDNICK: Welcome John Senden, 6-under, 65, has him tied as well with 8-under with the bunch. John, a lot of low scores out there. We had Jeff Sluman in here 65, Dan Forsman 64, it's not an easy course from what we've seen earlier. What happened today.

JOHN SENDEN: I got off to a good start, birdied the first hole and that set the momentum for the day really.

Today I was out there and, you know, I have been striking the ball really well all week and today was the day where I combined a lot of birdies and had less mistakes. The first two days were a lot of birdies as well and just, you know, just making a few errors and I think that today that all just matched up and was out there enjoying myself and had a good day.

TODD BUDNICK: We'll take some questions.

Q. You look at the scores, and you get the birdie the first hole and you say to yourself, I can do this too, let's just go out and see -- (Inaudible)

JOHN SENDEN: Well, I feel this year has been a good, you know, growing situation for me because I have always had to believe in myself more to say to myself, okay, these guys over here on the PGA TOUR are good, but I got to tell myself that you can match them as well. So taking that into consideration, I needed to pick myself up more on those mental issues and go out there and say, okay, you know, for instance, today, I was thinking, okay, go out there, I really love the golf course and believe you can go out there and have the same belief tomorrow as well. I guess tomorrow is not going to be an easy day because of the weather and the situation that I'm in. It's a matter of going out there, believing that you can do it, staying in the present with, you know, where you're situated and I'm not getting so far ahead of myself and thinking about the result rather than what I'm doing in the present time.

So those sorts of things, combined, makes a job easier to do.

Q. John apparently the TOUR asked Waynesborough to slow the greens down from years ago. What if these were running at 11 instead of 9 and 8 and a half, what would scores be like?

JOHN SENDEN: I would imagine if the greens were faster they would be on an average of probably a shot more difficult than every day. So you are looking at scores -- I still reckon you would see a leading score of that -- what it is now, but possibly the majority -- the average would have been quite higher.

Q. It doesn't look like a lot, but if you talk about the whole field, that's a lot of shots?

JOHN SENDEN: You take four shots over any tournament and I mean, it is basically what the greens, how they hold up and how firm they are as to what the scoring is like in any tournament. So it's fair for me to say that if they were firm and quick, it would be very difficult out there because of the amount of slope.

Q. John, a lot of guys it seems are hitting 3-woods off the tee. You were hitting a lot of drivers. (Inaudible)

JOHN SENDEN: The last couple of days I have been hitting a 3-wood off the first. Today I hit driver because there was more breeze to hit into. The 3rd I hit a driver. The 5th -- the 7th I hit 3-wood. 9 I hit driver and you could easily hit 3-wood off 9 because it is a narrow fairway. Today I hit driver because the wind was off the right, so that's an easy wind for everybody, I guess, if you are right-handed. And then 10 was driver. 11 was 3-wood. So I mean, you know, possibly more drivers than the majority. I feel that, you know, you have to give yourself a chance and attack it a little more if you want to be up there. So I will probably go with the same game plan tomorrow if it is, you know, similar conditions.

Q. Were you trying to drive that 12th green?

JOHN SENDEN: Yes, or get it close. The pin was tucked back left. I mean it wasn't a real easy shot if you had laid it back on the left side.

TODD BUDNICK: Thank you, John.

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