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September 14, 2016

Shannon Johnson

Choudrant, Louisiana

Q. You made it to the final.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah. You know, gosh, I didn't make many putts today. That putt on 16, missed it, but I mean, this one was obviously huge on 18.

Q. So I know you were in the rough off the tee.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Rough off the tee, yep, so I had about -- we were playing almost 150 in, so we said, a full 8-iron should be perfect, and hit it absolutely perfect where I wanted it to, and I couldn't believe that it rolled over. But obviously coming out of rough it's not going to get much spin. And then had a pretty dicey lie right up against the collar in the back, but just don't do anything too cute and get a putt at it.

Q. About how long do you think that putt was there?
SHANNON JOHNSON: I would probably say maybe like 10 feet, maybe a little bit longer.

Q. And overall this match was Olivia was great.

Q. It was quite a battle between you two?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, definitely. We didn't -- both of us probably didn't make a lot of putts that we looked at, but I mean, it was tight the whole way. Got 2-down at one point and knew I had to -- I like this back side and knew that there was some holes coming up that I could definitely win if I made par, so that was kind of my mindset when I made the turn.

Q. Talk about the chip on 17 there.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, that was -- we both were chipping up. I had the awful lie of the two. When she kind of -- she hit hers over it freed me up a little bit not to necessarily be a little more aggressive but just to kind of do my thing and get it close. It was an awesome, awesome chip.

Q. How was the lie?
SHANNON JOHNSON: It was dicey. It was sitting down kind of in between two patches of grass kind of in the middle, so just tried to do my thing.

Q. How far was it?
SHANNON JOHNSON: That was probably 20 feet, maybe a little bit longer, right off the side.

Q. What's it mean for you knowing it's going to come down to the two best golfers in this tournament?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm assuming Julia won.

Q. She did.
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, it's awesome. How often do the 1 and 2 seed, co-medalists, get into the championship? Obviously Julia has an awesome game. She's been in the finals and won this thing. I said this morning I've come out here to play the best people, and I got to play Margaret and now I get to play Julia.

Q. You're an Indiana grad, she's an Indiana native, so it's a good time to be a Hoosier.
SHANNON JOHNSON: It's a good time to be a Hoosier, the lovely Hoosier State.

Q. I saw you played coed hockey. Is there any aspect of that game that helps you here or maybe vice versa?
SHANNON JOHNSON: You know, I think it's -- I mean, obviously going up and down these hills it's a great athletic -- just to get my endurance up. I just love hockey. It's just a fun sport to play in the winter and kind of keeps my mind off of golf and work. I've got an awesome group of guys and girls I play with, and I know they're all rooting me on back home.

Q. This match was actually the first time all championship you trailed. What do you pull from that?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, I think at some point I knew I was going to get down coming into match play, but how you respond -- I think I was super excited with how I came back and won a couple in a row. That was huge for me. And then after that it's just trying to play my own game and really just trying to make some putts and hopefully a few more go in tomorrow.

Q. What kind of messages are you getting from home?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Oh, tons of support, all my golfing friends. Some of them might be on planes tomorrow morning, so we'll see.

Q. Who do you have out here with you?
SHANNON JOHNSON: So my mom and dad are out here, and then my best friend Megan, who's our apparel rep, is on the bag.

Q. She's caddying for you?

Q. Has she caddied for you before?
SHANNON JOHNSON: So two years ago when we played at Harbor Tree, at the time she was a golf pro so she was between her winter and summer job, and I said, if you want to come play I'll buy you a ticket and we'll go. She's a really good player, and she could have probably qualified for this thing herself.

Q. Is she still pro or reinstated?
SHANNON JOHNSON: No, she's reinstated just this last year, and she said, I'd much rather go and caddie for you and have fun, so obviously I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart that she's out here.

Q. What's her name?

Q. This is your caddie?

Q. Is she a friend?
SHANNON JOHNSON: Yeah, so she's my best friend, so she's our apparel rep for Ping, so hence I have to wear a lot of Ping apparel.

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