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August 31, 2016

Anastasija Sevastova

New York, NY, USA

A. SEVASTOVA/G. Muguruza

7-5, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to win this one?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't know. It still hasn't settled in. I mean, I'm tired mentally and it's late. Normally I go to sleep at this time.

It feels great, but it's still not like I won the tournament. It's only second round. Yeah.

Q. When you were deciding to come back from retirement, what were all the reasons? You mentioned on court wanting to play matches like this. Were you feeling better physically?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah, I was playing a little bit. I was doing some sparring. It was better, I mean, physically. I was still playing okay. That's why I think I decided to try again to come back.

But you never know. I mean, a lot of people are trying to come back, and sometimes it doesn't work out. Yeah, that's why I wanted to start from the beginning, from the easiest -- not the easiest, but the lower future level.

Q. You mentioned having more calm in this stage of your career. Do you feel like this paid off as you were trying to close out that match today?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't think so. (Laughter.) I didn't feel calm inside. I mean, 5-1...

Maybe it helped me at 5-4 to break her because I was still leading. But serving out, I don't know why. There were a couple close calls on the serve and close points.

I mean, she was playing better, but still I think I earned to win that match.

Q. What was going through your mind as it went from 5-1 to 5-4?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Then I stopped thinking, I think. I was thinking too much at 5-2, 5-3. Then I said, Okay, I have one more chance at 5-4. She's serving. I broke her before enough times, so I will try this one more time.

And still, then it's 5-All. It's still open match like the first set, so...

Q. When you saw you were going to play Garbine Muguruza on Arthur Ashe Stadium, what was your reaction to that? Did you think you would have preferred an easier draw? Were you looking forward to it?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I thought, Why do they put me on Ashe at 7:00 p.m.? I mean, I think they thought it should be a good match. It was kind of surprise to play at 7:00 night match on Ashe.

But still it's an experience. I think it will help me in the future.

Q. Was that your first time stepping onto that court, Ashe?

Q. Did you take a moment to kind of look around? What was going through your mind?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I was warming up in the morning there. The roof was closed. So, yeah, it's a huge court.

It was so loud. We were warming up. There was nobody. It was quiet. But tonight it was really loud. It was tough to play. Yeah.

I think she was also having problems in the beginning. I mean, you have to get used to it. I think I managed pretty well in the second set.

Q. Does it sound different?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah, yeah. I find it's much different. I mean, sometimes you don't hear the ball hit, so it's coming to you and you think it's still somewhere there.

Yeah, in the second set it was easier to manage to not hear all the noises.

Q. Is it distracting?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Would it distract you when the crowd is full?

Q. It was loud during points and everything.
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: For sure it's distracting in the beginning. I mean, you don't expect it. But it's Arthur Ashe. I mean, how many thousand people are there?

Q. 22.
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah. You have to accept it.

Q. Does this validate the comeback?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Yeah, for sure. It's not like it's my last match. It's still going on. It's not like it's over, the tournament. It's only second round. Now it's the third round in two days. Tomorrow I have to play doubles, so...

Yeah, it's a good feeling. We can enjoy it today, but tomorrow is a new day. There are other matches. Nobody thinks about the previous match. You have to think forward. Tonight I can enjoy. Yeah.

Q. That's a pretty grounded perspective. A lot of people in your position might think far ahead. Is this something you had to work on?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I think I had to work on it when I took the time off. I think I manage it better now that I stay in the moment. I mean, sometimes it's tough to stay in the moment. It's tough to not look ahead. Like when I play now 5-2 I was looking ahead. I had matchpoints.

Yeah, you have to have it under control.

Q. When you weren't playing, when you took the break, what were the best and worst parts of that time?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: The best part's you're staying in one place. You have home. You can meet friends. You can do normal stuff.

Yeah, you're not traveling that much, but you still have more time for everything, for family, for boyfriend, studying, just enjoying. Yeah.

Q. And the worst part?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: The worst part? I don't think there's a worst part. There is no worst part. There are good things in every job.

Q. You play Bondarenko next.
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Great head-to-head. Head-to-head is not good. (Laughter). I remember I played Wimbledon against her. Oh, and in Dubai this year. Great match. Great match.

I came from Taiwan on the night flight, and then I step on the court the next day. That was great, great feeling. (Smiling.)

So, yeah, it's tough to play her. She's tough competitor. She hits the ball hard. I have to play a good game.

Q. You're going to enjoy it tonight and then move on. What does 'enjoying it' mean?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I go to Five Guys maybe, eat a burger. (Laughter.)

I don't know. Maybe have some drinks. My mom is here but she's leaving tomorrow. It's her first Grand Slam. And my best friend. We'll maybe go somewhere. They will drink; I will watch. (Laughter.)

Q. You spoiled your mom. She's going to think this is how all Grand Slams...
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: She's like, I'm staying here. I'm staying here. I don't want to go to work.

Q. You've been playing for a while at Grand Slams. Why was this her first one?

Q. Why this one?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: I don't know. She likes to be at home. She likes her work. She's an English teacher, so I have to be careful how I talk. I don't know why she didn't. It hasn't worked out because she has always school at that time of the year. She cannot miss that much.

But now I think she's, like, I'm stopping. I'm not going anymore. I'm traveling with you.

Q. Earlier this year you made in the final in Mallorca. I heard you were in the hospital at the start of the tournament and then went on to make the final. Here you get this crazy draw. A few years ago you were retired. Life can be a little funny.
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: Can be tricky. I was speaking with Ronnie, (phonetic) my boyfriend. We were talking like, Yeah, last year you were in the quallies US Open. You were so pumped to be in the quallies, to have a chance to be again on that stage. I lost first round quallies.

This year playing on Ashe, life can be funny sometimes, yeah.

Q. If I have it right, Latvian players are famous for their wealthy parents. Is your mother as rich as Gulbis' father?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: No. She's working as an English teacher.

Q. Does she have a good salary?
ANASTASIJA SEVASTOVA: You want to hear it or what? No, I won't tell you.

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